Thursday, December 06, 2012

Let it be known, the real plight of Humanity: Contact WBZ Radio

Ric Edelman,   WBZ Radio
   I have managed to catch a few minutes of a few of your shows. As is usual you like everyone else that is supposed to be in the know today have a great conversation with your guest while never coming close to the real problem or answer to it.
A couple weeks back you were discussing why the stock market was doing so well while so many were struggling and the economy was floundering. Easy answer is we have the two economies that have been denied since Bush.
This Sunday you discussed that someone just wrote that we are doomed and what to do about it.It has been obvious since 2007 and Bush and Greenspan set up the growing financial disaster and the timing was no coincidence.
Growing world angst and conflagration is coming to a head at the same time. Be prepared financially and physically to take care of your own needs and desires.
We were told during Katrina the Gov't can no longer be there to help us and we must learn to do it ourselves and we have been and will.
With all that is going on plus a degrading environment we will come out smaller but strong, the Government will be fine and the military will survive and they can get together and start over.
This is not conspiracy theory or doom and gloom but simple unbiased observation and fact. Please contact the station and give them your 2 cents for what It's worth.
Yours Truly,
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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