Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Realities and the Muslim Revival Installment 2

Let us for a minute stop and discuss Islam. Something I am right now, reading about Muslims is very disturbing. More pointedly this is something Muhammad said.

 This is in the Koran too, that is why it really worries me. I am sure it’ll concern you too. Its interpretation or misinterpretation is a direct reason for many of our problems with the Islamists today. 

It reads as follows, “I do not worship that which you worship, and neither do you worship that which I worship”. Wait a minute, what happened to the one God, and, “Unto you your moral law and unto me mine”. Just that one statement gives credence and justification to anything and whatever a Muslim feels is right, by him or her. This is exactly what is going on today. 

This has always concerned and scared me about Religious Zealots in any Religion. That is the reason we have people, supposedly in the name of Christianity, blowing up abortion clinics and killing the Doctors who perform abortions.

 The Muslims and Jews aren’t the only ones with the problem; we all have to deal with it.

Muslims also believe that Divine Unity also requires them as Muslims to recognize the Religious beliefs and aspirations of others. This is precisely because there is only the one God. The one God is believed in and followed by all 3 of the great Religions. 

Having this in mind, how can it be that the Islamists feel that they have God exclusively for their own misuse? Muhammad believed that all rightly guided Religions must come from the one God alone. He also believed that he is the God of all 3 Religions.

Muslims believe, and rightly so, that a persons Religious practices are culturally conditioned. They would thus be expressed by different societies in different ways. If this is true, and it is, then how does one explain away the feelings and beliefs, of many Muslims?

 They think that everyone that does not worship as they do, is inferior, and should be killed? This all, as most of us know, goes dead against the man they supposedly revere, Muhammad.

 All self respecting Muslims all over the world, should rise up and revolt. They should revolt against what these Islamist Jihadists are doing to their God and their Prophet.

I hate to hit you in the face with this one, but no one else is being honest with you. I finally heard, albeit understated still, the somewhat right take on what we are really facing in the war against Islamists. 

Of course it did not come from any of our so called leaders or experts. Many of us know that they just don’t
get it. This came from a Muslim American leader. He estimated that he wouldn’t be surprised if the number of anti American leaning Muslims was as high as 50%.

 He obviously, is very pro American, and is way out of the anti American loop. I will personally guarantee you that the number is much closer to 90%. We will remember a little history shortly that will illustrate for us poignantly what we are really facing. 

We, as a people and a country, especially our leaders, are very slow. Not too slow I hope, to realize just exactly what we are up against.

 You must remember we as Christians have done the very thing the Muslims are doing right now. The difference is that now the shoe is on the other foot, and two wrongs don’t make a right. As we said, the world is a lot smaller now, and the weapons, a lot deadlier.

When the west went through this religious evolution we like to fondly call, and remember it, as the crusades. Our combatants were known as Christian crusaders. This, as we also have discussed, has been done to a worse degree, by the Jews, more than once.

 I don’t believe they ever had to lift a finger. You will see soon, by a time line of events that what is happening in the world today is entirely normal. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim! ALL religion's can be scary ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... like any other art, it's in the eye's of the beholder, group, culture, etc, etc I was fortunate enough to spend a decent deal of time learning about Islam from Arab immigrant's that I know here in Dallas, I have to have the hand's on type deal, I read the Quran before they briefed me (given to me as a gift), then of course I had question's (yes, a couple tried to recruit me heavily it seemed, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Seem's to me, that muslim's (I dont know much about American Islam though which seem's to be more ... well ... Americanized (such as Nation of Islam) ... but thse folk's seem to believe bottom line that Islam is the LAST religion and Muhammed (spelling?) is the LAST prophet ... and that officially make's "Islam" the only true religion, so everyone to them should be muslim, period. I noticed though that they have the same "respect" for Jesus as they do for the prophet Muhammed, and even feel that Moses was a prophet, then Jesus, then the final one Muhammed, so they differ from xtian's in the respect that xtian's dont pay much of anything to Muhammed, and xtian's dont view Jesus as a prophet, but the son in flesh of God (does that make sense?), they feel that xtian's and jew's are a lil let's say "misguided" is all, and they should "convert" to the last and only religion "Islam" ... but that's just what I gathered from these gent's, and I did enjoy smoking the hookah pipe (fruity and spicy taste) and especially the food and pastries that their wives made!

Hey Jim ... goddamn dude!!! how bout that f'n game in Boston the other night with the 49er's??!! I couldnt believe that 49er's were up on the Pats at home like they were in the first half ... the 2nd half ... boy oh boy did the Pats turn up the heat! ... like I said Jim ... "consistency" ... of course some already predict the Pats to go all the way this year, and their end part of the season is about as tight as a team can get, looking at that game as a prefect example.

Later guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

I actually call the Pats ... "The Brady Bunch" : )