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17 civilians beheaded in Afghanistan for commingling, Also 2 children beheaded

17 civilians beheaded in Afghanistan for commingling. A 12 year old boy had his head cut off as a warning to his brother a policeman and to date no one knows why the Taliban cut off the little girls head. Civilians better realize this is not going to stop. This is their future just as their past if they do not come together and eradicate this band of killers this Afghan Mafia.

The bodies of two women and 15 men were found by the side of a road in the Musa Qala district of Helmand province. Meanwhile, 10 Afghan army soldiers were killed in a Taliban attack in the same province.In eastern Afghanistan, two US soldiers were shot dead by an Afghan National Army soldier.

The bodies of the 17 civilians, which were discovered on Monday morning, were said to show signs of beatings. Some had gunshot wounds. Local officials said the men had gathered to listen to music and watch the women dance when they were attacked. The Taliban disapprove of men and women mixing socially.

So much for Mullah Omar coming out last week telling the Taliban to avoid killing civilians. Raping women is okay but nothing else in this he man killers club. Nothing at all has changed since NATO has been there except where the Taliban do their killing.

Remember before we attacked we made a big deal out of the Taliban using a sports field for all their tortures, killings, and public beheading? They have just spread out. This is not going to stop this is their lifestyle. The citizens must realize this and come together and eradicate them.

Dozens of Afghan civilians die in bloody day: More Taliban success!

: Dozens of Afghan civilians die in bloody day: Twenty-three people were killed and 50 others were wounded in the suicide attack in a car park crammed with vehicles supplying the largest NATO base in southern Afghanistan, police said.A suicide bomber on a motorcycle struck first and as a crowd gathered to help the victims a second bomber walked into their midst and set off explosives strapped to his body, Kandahar provincial police chief General Abdul Raziq told AFP.

"All casualties are civilians -- not a single military person," he said. Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility for the bombing, saying on their website that "several dozen of the foreign terrorist forces and their puppets were killed Wednesday in a martyrdom attack".

Pakistan and Taliban accused of poisoning Afghan schoolchildren: Pakistan and Taliban accused of poisoning Afghan schoolchildren. Afghan intelligence on Wednesday accused Pakistani spies of poisoning schoolgirls as authorities battle to halt a string of alleged attacks that have sown panic in parts of the north.

President Hamid Karzai called for an investigation and Mr Mashal said the intelligence service discovered a conspiracy by militants to try to scare families from sending their children to school. "They want to create terror and fear among students, especially in the education sector and also in the health sector, which are two of the major achievements of the 10 years of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan," said Mashal.

UN: Civilian deaths in Afghan war hit record : Last year was the deadliest on record for Afghan civilians with 3,021 killed, a rise of 8 percent from the year before as insurgents ratcheted up violence with roadside bombs and suicide attacks, the United Nations said Saturday.

Taliban-affiliated militants were responsible for more than three-quarters of the civilian deaths in 2011, the fifth year in a row in which the death toll went up, the U.N. said. The figures were a grim testament to the violence the Taliban and allied Islamist militants can still unleash in Afghanistan, even as NATO begins to map out plans for international troops to draw down and give Afghan security forces the main responsibility for fighting insurgents by the end of 2014.
Mullah Omar must be quite pleased!

Who is the real Mullah Omar? Omar was for killing his people before he was against it before he was for it before he was against it... You get the picture

Mullah Omar Wikipedia

There was 8 Killed in Afghan Bombing Days After Mullah's Rebuke: Afghan officials said the attack in the Baghlani Jadid district of Baghlan Province, which occurred as worshipers left a mosque after prayers on the first day of the three-day Id al-Adha holiday, was carried out by the Taliban. Two days earlier, the Taliban’s reclusive leader, Mullah Omar, delivered his annual message for Id al-Adha, the holiest day of the Islamic year, including a strongly worded statement calling on his followers to refrain from causing civilian casualties.

Just over a year ago Taliban leader Mullah Omar ordered fighters to kill Afghan civilians, contradicting orders he issued the prior year. Remember that farce they called a code of conduct to protect civilians. Yes civilians are dying from both sides. As usual they get the shit end of the stick!

In a statement, NATO said it intercepted orders that Mullah Omar gave to subordinate commanders at the beginning of June 2010 . It says he instructed fighters to kill Afghans who work with NATO or the Afghan government, and to kill women who provide information to coalition forces. I have to ask what's changed really?

There was no immediate reaction to the claim from Taliban leaders. prior to that, Mullah Omar called on militants to avoid causing civilian deaths when attacking government and foreign troops. NATO says Mullah Omar ordered the Taliban to kill civilians You saw the results, while the west was found to be responsible for much fewer deaths the Taliban were purposely killing as many as possible to show them who was in charge.It will never stop!

More than 1,000 Afghan civilians were killed in armed violence and security incidents in the first six months of 2010, an new Afghan study showed. Afghanistan Rights Monitor says 1,074 civilians were killed between January and June - a slight increase compared with the same period in 2009. However, the number of people killed in NATO air strikes in the same period had halved, the report says. Changes to rules of engagement helped reduce that figure, the report says. Afghanistan civilian casualties on the rise compliments of Mullah Omar

We managed to lower the number of civilians killed so Mullah Omar had ordered the Taliban to kill as many as possible. I would hope the civilians in turn to this so called Mullah slaughtering them at will, will turn on them. Their lives are on the line. They have got to stand up! The militants fighting on fronts from Afghanistan to Pakistan feared they were losing the propaganda war among their own people so the leadership released a new "code of conduct" for fighters in the field.

Taliban code of conduct You mean misconduct! Seems they have changed their mind like you change your underwear!

I want us to get the hell out of Afghanistan like we should. If we are lucky enough to have that happen and I have my doubts, the people have a choice. They will still have their tribes but otherwise they have the choice of Mullah Omar who will kill them if they do not live the way he says or the corrupt drug dealer Hamid Karzai.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

Should we be surprised at any of this? We did after all install the Talaban after Russia left and trained them well.

No, we should tell the Pakistan government we won't give them a dime until they get serious about changing things. But I know that won't happen. It's also sick to think that much of the funds are coming from the Saudis so we are in effect financing both sides of this conflict every time we fill up.