Friday, November 11, 2011

A US drone strike in north-west Pakistan has killed two to FIVE KEY top commanders "and then some" of one of Pakistan's most influential Taliban groups


Top militants 'dead' in Pakistan: A US drone strike in north-west Pakistan has killed two top commanders of one of Pakistan's most influential Taliban groups, officials say. Suspected U.S. unmanned aircraft fired six missiles at a vehicle in Pakistan's rugged tribal region Thursday, killing five militants, including a close ally to one of the area's top commanders, Pakistani intelligence officials said.The attack in the South Waziristan tribal area killed Khan Mohammed, also known as Sathai, deputy leader of a group of militants led by Maulvi Nazir, the officials said.The officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media, said Mohammed was also Nazir's cousin. The strike also killed one of Nazir's brothers, Hazrat Omar, they said. 

Nazir is one of the most powerful militant commanders in the tribal region and is accused of working with the Taliban and al-Qaida to stage attacks against foreign troops in neighboring Afghanistan. He is believed to have close relations with Pakistani intelligence and agreed to stay neutral when the military invaded South Waziristan in 2009 to fight the Pakistani Taliban, who have focused their attacks against the Pakistani state. I hear it was 6 or 7 key commanders killed!

According to sources, a drone fired missiles at a vehicle that killed five commanders including Nazir's brother. The commander identified four of the commanders as Hazrat Omar, Nazir's younger brother, Khan Mohammad, Miraj Wazir and Ashfaq Wazir. Nazir's faction focuses on attacking US-led NATO troops across the border in Afghanistan.

Security sources said there was strong evidence that Taj Gul Mehsud, a senior Taliban commander and close aide to Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) leader Hakimullah Mehsud, was among the victims in the attack Wednesday. I thought Hakimullah was killed more than a year ago but this is great news!

And newer: Suspected US drone strike kills 6 alleged militants in Pakistan’s tribal region, say officials: Suspected U.S. unmanned aircraft fired six missiles at a vehicle in Pakistan’s tribal region near the Afghan border Sunday, killing six alleged militants, Pakistani intelligence officials said.The high number of missiles used in the attack in the Datta Khel area of North Waziristan seemed to indicate an important militant was targeted. But the identities of those killed were as yet unknown, said the officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk to the media. I can't wait to find out who was killed in this attack!

As we know for a fact though they deny it, the ISI has trained and armed any tribe or group of militants who desire to take down Afghanistan and kill and remove "the infidels" from the area. ISI arming and training anti American anti afghan forces

I always thought the Haqqani's were the most powerful group trying to take back Afghanistan and force NATO and the West to leave. However they are largely being decimated and are being forced to the bargaining table. Here

When all is said and done With the death of Osama Bin Laden we were asked what his death would mean for the war in Afghanistan. Like the so called war on terror which includes the Taliban, Al Qaeda of every creed, and extremists of every ilk looking to carry on Osama's vendetta against the west, it has served to fuel their cause. With that said with so much emphasis on killing the Haqqani's I forgot about the other groups we are fighting. I am glad to see we have not and have not dropped the ball.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan think they are getting away with something but they are being watched closely by JSOC ready to pounce and take them out when given the command. At the rate they are now being killed I would say the order has been given and we are still holding back hoping we can kill enough of their top leaders to convince them to come to the bargaining table.

I originally wanted the top leaders taken out first but I think we are doing this right. Keep the top leaders and let us get out and they will then be able to hold the tribes and their interests together. I just want us out! Our soldiers have done a superb job and we should never have put boots on the ground but exclusively used drones.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


One Fly said...

My smart ass comment this morning Jim is - does this mean we've won and and can come home now.

No response needed or deserved.

Demeur said...

60, 600 or 6000 this is starting to sound like Vietnam all over again. Forgot? The weekly death toll figures given each Friday on the news. 32 American troops and 2300 of the enemy. After awhile I started to wonder if they weren't importing people to kill until my brother who'd been there informed me that the figures were always inflated to make us look good. Some sick production figures if you ask me.

Ranch Chimp said...

I reckon this can be a "Veterans Day" posting Jim .... but anywayz ... Veterans Day Greeting's Guy! : )

You know what I think about most of these raghead's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

an average patriot said...

Hi RC! I usually do a veterans Day posting but for some reason I spaced it out this year. My next door neighbor who is a wounded Iraq vet came over to see what I did and had a few drinks of fire water with me.

an average patriot said...

Demeur just like Vietnam and it has been in every regard since the beginning. It pisses me off when they said there is no comparison. Man I just do not want to see it end the same way.