Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Pakistan and India win UN seats, what frigging good is it?

Pakistan and India win UN seats: Pakistan has won a seat alongside its regional rival India on the UN Security Council. Pakistan's win means both South Asian nuclear states will serve, but diplomats do not think regional rivalry will play out in a big way there. Because the US, Russia, and china has proven and knows holding those seats is worthless unless what you say is in their best interest.

The UN General Assembly on Monday elected Azerbaijan to a two-year term on the UN Security Council, making it join Pakistan, Morocco, Guatemala and Togo as the five new non-permanent members of the most powerful UN body. Again I ask what the hell is it worth?

With Rare Double U.N. Veto on Syria, Russia and China Try to Shield a Friend: UNITED NATIONS — By vetoing a Security Council resolution condemning Syria for its oppression of anti government forces, Russia and China effectively tossed a life preserver to President Bashar al-Assad, seemingly unwilling to see a pivotal ally and once stalwart member of the socialist bloc sink beneath the waves of the Arab Spring. A double veto at the United Nations is rare, in this case driven by similar if not exactly parallel concerns in Moscow and Beijing about losing influence in the Arab world as one authoritarian government after another built on the now-faded Soviet model collapses.

Palestinian anger at US rising over UN veto : Palestinians have long been skeptical of America's ability to help them win independence. But low expectations have turned into frustration and in some cases outright anger after the U.S. threatened to derail a bid for U.N. recognition of an independent state and Congress put a hold on $200 million in badly needed aid..

Washington's threat to block U.N. recognition of Palestine is an "act of aggression," said writer Hani al-Masri, who boycotted the Ramallah reception by U.S. diplomats. Other invitees said they stayed away because they feared a backlash in their community — an indicator of the combative mood in the West Bank..

First I have to say I think it is great that there are still countries that believe it is in their best interest to join the UN because I think it might be but only if it means all members will unify to defend any member country being threatened. I am sickened that any member might think they have a vote that matters when there are concerns that matter to them all when all China, the United States, and Russia has to do is veto it if it goes against one of their interests.

We have to stop playing these frigging self serving games. You know, I am thinking about all that is happening today in the United States and more pointedly around the entire world not just in North Africa and the Middle East and I am reminded of something we were told right after 9/11 and that was that this is a new volatile world we live in today and we must act accordingly. When I was a kid I learned "adapt, overcome, and move ahead successfully" We are not doing that, once again we have failed to take our own good advice.

This is not the 20th century. The times they are a changing and we must be smart enough to change with them or be trampled. WW 3 we do not want, it is not survivable for us or the planet with the awesome destruction of today's weapons. Just looking at the two telling links above I realized Russia and the United States are playing the same old power and control games instead of realizing this is a new world and like it or not we must adapt with it or destroy it.

Now China feels emboldened to play a role in pushing her desires on the "Arab Spring" too and this is all a recipe for disaster. The US can no longer stand by Israel blindly. Unless Israel realizes like it or not it is time for a 2 state solution to allow us to progress through the 21 century in this new world not the old one those in control are trying to hold on to.

Likewise it is wrong for Russia and China to embolden Syria and defend their Brutality in order to protect their selfish old interests. Like it or not we must let go. We the current powers are creating more problems not solving them. We must step back and let the baby be born. We can not have things the way we want. We must realize that instead of using weapons to try and have our way.

We must let the chips fall where they may then pick up what we can, adapt, overcome, and move forward successfully hopefully. The US is in trouble, Europe is in trouble, the Middle East is in trouble, the entire world is in trouble unless we wake up, stop trying to interfere with it, and help put together whatever is left.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Good Evening Jim ... Interesting read, and I had no idea about this as far as who's in or out on the UN thing. But I will tell ya that I have questioned the UN for year's actually, as far as who it serve's and for what, and especially how much money do we American taxpayer's spend on it? However, I reckon it make's everyone feel like one big happy familia, I know it serve's international investment banker's and the corporate world well, but what it does for me or my neighbor's? ... well ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... I dont know, but like most of the huddled masses of lil robot's ... I'll be a good sport and jump for joy, eh? No ... all caca (shit) aside Jim ... my concern for the last few year's has really been USA ... because we have many internal issue's that need addressing, infrastructure, etc ... Bernie Sanders pointed this out over and over, especially about our crumbling infrastructure (I'm a big supporter of the Senator).

This last weekend while out of town on the road, I took in some talk radio (something I do since I literally drive hour's in a day, 6 to 8 hour drive's one way) and the subject was sound clip's of politician's out of Washington announcing last week (very similar wording) that since Libya is now liberated, and in need of medical service's for something or another, it's our responsibility to bring those we can to America to give them the best "medical treatment" they can get, etc ... Jim, frankly I was in shock ... it dont bother me Jim giving help to folk's, but my question was ... where were they when (politician's) less than a year ago, when they voted down giving medical help to so many 9/ 11 responder's in our country that came down ill? Where are they with the quarter to one third of America's homeless population who are veteran's of war's? as far as helping them? I see issue's here Jim, nothing against Libya. BTW I hear they (Libya) will make Sharia Law the basis of their new Government and/ or Constitution ... Oh Boy!

Thanx for the read Jim ... I heard the weather up ya'll's way is a tad rough ... here in Dallas right now (11:16pm) it's very windy, rain and chilly basically, can hear the wind's howling as I write this.

an average patriot said...

Yeah we got 2 feet and before Halloween, no there's nothing wrong with the weather!

You know RC there is no rhyme or reason only reinforced proof that the average citizen of the world does not matter, only what those with the power want.With veto power in the UN putting everything to a halt what frigging good is it besides a facade?