Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Billionaire Koch Brothers’ War Against Obama : Herman Cain brags he is their paid mouthpiece, WTF people?

As you know, I am disgusted with the corporate owned Republican party and their desire to get back to the elitist society Bush pundits was setting up with him as their puppet. We and our desired version are in grave danger. The Koch brothers and their Billions are leading the way in tearing down the unions, environmental laws, and every single gain Democrats have ever made in taking care of those in need.

I thought for sure when it came out that the Koch brothers were behind the Cain campaign and what he stood for then Cain would be done. I refuse to believe that Cain is actually bragging about it and I can not believe a person can run on destroying the environment and the people in need. This is seriously frightening and everyone better get behind the occupy movement because this is precisely what it is about.

The Koch brothers (David and Charles) are best known as part of a family that has repeatedly funded stealth attacks on the federal government, and on the Obama Administration in particular. The Koch's are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimizing social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry especially environmental regulation where they rank as number ten in the United States on the top polluters list.

They make over 100 billion a year destroying the environment. They are behind breaking the unions and attempting to eliminate environmental laws they see as infringing on their ability to make even more dirty billions. They are also behind the drive to cut funds to the needy and social security. At the very least they want them minimized. They are our biggest danger people. Their ideology and unlimited money is driving the scummy Republican party.

The Billionaire Koch Brothers’ War Against Obama : The Koch's are longtime libertarians who believe in drastically lower personal and corporate taxes, minimal social services for the needy, and much less oversight of industry—especially environmental regulation. These views dovetail with the brothers’ corporate interests.

Herman Cain: 'I am the Koch brothers' brother from another mother': Herman Cain did address his relationship to the billionaire brothers David and Charles Koch, who are credited with having founded Americans for Prosperity, the group that hosted the summit. “I’m very proud to know the Koch brothers,” Cain said. “This may be a breaking news announcement for the media: I am the Koch brothers’ brother from another mother.”

All Republicans do not want our version of America he and all Republicans want Bush's version back and will destroy the country to get it back. I refuse to believe one of Obama's pundits has not seized on the fact that President Obama has had more world improving accomplishment than any President since FDR because he did not need the Republicans to do it.

However here at home he has accomplished nothing for the good of average American's and our version of America because Republicans have vowed to block and make him fail in everything.

Obama said Republicans would 'cripple' America and you better believe it: Faced with a recalcitrant Congress and Republicans who accuse him of waging class warfare over his call to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires, Obama told supporters Sunday to brace for a "tough" reelection campaign."This is going to be especially hard because a lot of people are discouraged and a lot of people are disillusioned," Obama said at a fundraising event in Seattle, Washington."I'm determined because there's too much at stake.

You better believe it! Be very afraid, it is going to happen whether they take back control or not. They will be more ruthless if they lose. They will settle for nothing less than total collapse then Blame it on Obama so they can get back in and finish us and Bush's agenda off!

Republican's were hoping the fanatic Governor Perry was their man but as they observe how "mad" unstable and inadequate he is they are turning their attention to Governor Christie who does have a shot at the Presidency but his weight and ill health will be the issue. I believe he will pick up the gauntlet in the end though he said he will not because they have no one else but he will be defeated. In the end Obama's second term is going to be hell and Republican's will be a hell of a lot worse than they are now believe it or not. God help us because Republican's won't.

As I explained, I saw a post on the fact that the Republicans have the goal of destroying the the middle class, elderly, and ailing. Some that hear that I am sure would say that was a bit hard because they are trying to save the country. They are not trying to save the country, they are trying to get Bush's version back on track. They will say and do anything to achieve that.

I remember when then President Bush wanted to revamp Social Security but due to outrage he could not. I remember when Mitt Romney was stumping for McCain when he was running for President against Obama and I was horrified when he told the audience the Democratic party was the countries biggest enemy because we tried to take care of the poor, sick, and elderly.

Romney said Social Security had to be ended. Social Security is making money still, it is not our problem. The Republican party wanting to put an end to our version of America is our problem. The fact that the gap between the wealthy and and those barely making it continues to widen. That is the goal my friends and has been since Bush.

There is no surprise here. Only by me that after all these years people still do not get what is going on. It will be horrible if the Republicans can lie and play enough fools to get back in control to finish us and Bush's agenda off and get their new version of America back on track. I first put this together in 2003 figuring people would see the obvious, get the word out, and act on it. The situation is getting grave people if you have not noticed.

A little reciting and hopefully enlightenment: Bush was following what I know as the Russian Doctrine of Destruction used in the 19th century to tear down the old Government and order and replace it with a new version. Please read this! It is very important and you now know right on: Bush's Forever War! Experts think they found a way around this mess. I'm sick of saying it, Bush/Reagan pundits won't be stopped and failure to us is total success for them! Before you go on remember Bush destroyed America and world order completely and flew away proud of what he did. Okay please continue and remember this was under Bush.

I was listening to Pelosi talking about being confused why Bush didn't see the effect he was having on the middle class when he was President. Now the Republicans are further destroying their lives and upset when they hit a roadblock.

Of course he did! He had been purposely changing our societal order from day one.Republicans want to continue that elitist society as you must notice in their actions. Have you read Bush uncovered on my main page? Bush did not fail in the war on terror. Bush did not fail with our society.To him it was a qualified success. He was following Reagan's mess. It has to be kept alive for his new world order Forever Wars so it was a complete success to him. Now it is Obama's.

If you read Bush Uncovered which I wrote 8 years ago now (that's 2003 folks) but no one gets it, Bush was following the Russian Doctrine of Destruction and must create war and disorder to replace it with his new idea of order and to destroy the middle class here.I have been trying to wake people up since day one but no one is listening or getting it. I am afraid it is too late as much beyond our control has been set into play around the world and in the United States. Despite the advent of Obama nothing seems to have changed for whatever reason.

No one seems to get it but all the waking up and organizing against Bush in the world was worthless because he was given too much power as a result of 9/11 and the Patriot Act and now the power is in Obama's hands. The entire world will be engulfed in Bush's Forever War as planned from day one. What a frigging mess.

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Demeur said...

The real issue is how fast the majority (and I'm not talking about republicans) in this country can take it back. We've seen in just the last few months three republican elected officials recalled from office, something that has only happened once before in this country. And yesterday was the beginning of the recall of a republican governor. Something never seen in our nation. We may not be able to kick them out of congress by recall but we sure can thin the herd on the state level.
Even moderately conservative republicans are developing a distaste for their own party. With this scorched earth policy they are likely to burn themselves in the process as America is waking up.

an average patriot said...

Demeur I am blown away that even the prick Gingrich is saying he is a Washington outsider.

I really hope all this is a good sign about Republicans and that Wisconsin succeeds in their effort.

Did you catch Michael Moore when he said there was proof the Federal Government was behind the tear down occupy city movements?