Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Live feed of Cairo eruption:Amidst the middle east breakdown, as the Sunni Shiite civil war in Iraq continues, we have warnings of World War

Live feed as Tahrir square erupts in violence between pro and anti Mubarak forces while the military watches

The world economy is beset by problems such as high unemployment and rising prices which could fuel trade protectionism and even lead to war within nations, the head of the International Monetary Fund warned on Tuesday. You can count on it and look at the way things are shaping up!

King Abdullah of Jordan, a close U.S. ally, Tuesday dismissed the Government and replaced his prime minister after protests over food prices and poor living conditions, naming a former premier with a military background to head the government.

Protesters crammed into Cairo's Tahrir Square demanding Mubaric to step down• Soldiers stand guard and helicopters hover • Major demonstrations planned in large cities • Government cuts internet service

Hosni Mubarak has agreed to step down but not to leave his country of Egypt. Will it be soon enough to placate the Islamists? Will the people accept Mubarac staying in Egypt? I think not but time will tell. Any way you look at it a tsunami of revolt has just begun to hit the Arab world.

The Muslim Brotherhood has told Sky News it is in talks with other opposition groups and the army about the removal of President Hosni Mubarak. This would not be good for the people. We should be very concerned of another Iran. So too must the Democracy hungry Egyptian's. They better start demanding that Mubarak step down and the Islamists leave so the people and the army can have their Democratic Egypt and not another Islamist country trying to destroy Israel the West, them and world order.

A new report by the U.S. Senate admits American government employees may not be safe (you mean will not) be safe in Iraq after the U.S. military leaves at the end of the year as planned. A pair of attacks killed an Iraqi electricity employee and a Shiite politician in Baghdad on Monday, authorities said. Nine others were wounded in a string of strikes across the Iraqi capital that appeared to take aim at government and security officials — a frequent target of militants

North Korea more of a nuclear threat than thought

I was very concerned that this entire mess in the middle east would take on a life of its own and our military would be left in the middle of it. Well it has happened. Are we smart enough to stay out of it? Or will we be dragged even deeper into it?

The middle east is exploding as we long said it would and anti Israeli anti US forces are trying to use it to their advantage. Israel is nervous as they should be with all their hedging at a real 2 state solution.

Across the Arab world, people living under the thumb of repressive leaders are rising up against the rulers who once seemed omnipotent. It is no coincidence these were all American allies! They are not quite sure what they want. But from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, they know they want change. And their wrath and their courage are creating a new form of Arab unity.

Bush's intention in attacking Iraq was to get our military back in the Middle East to help Israel establish a safety zone, create a new middle east (dis)order as God told him to, and to establish a permanent middle east presence. I was very concerned that this entire mess in the middle east would take on a life of its own and our military would be left in the middle of it. Well it has happened. Are we smart enough to stay out of it? Or will we be dragged even deeper into it? This all boils down in all interests to something I learned as a kid and that is "be careful what you ask for" You know what you have but you do not know what you're going to get"

In closing: You do not need me to tell you the entire world is in major disarray. Much of the world is running out of water, food, or both. The entire world is facing financial breakdown except for China who is fortifying her military. We all remember the lessons of the Great depression and the fact that when all is said and done world war two is what ultimately brought America and much of the world back to prosperity/ I do not like what I see ahead for us!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


TomCat said...

I think Obama's response has been reasonable. I strongly doubt that the US military will be involved.

Demeur said...

What you're seeing here on our Lame Stream Media is a lie. Please check my post today. It contains a memo from their Minister of the interior that outlined the plan dated last week. Sorry for the translation which is rough but you'll get the idea.

an average patriot said...

I agree Tom! Did you see what the pro Mubarak thugs are doing? It is getting bad!

an average patriot said...

Thanks Demeur! I have been following cnn but the live feed I have is from the BBC. Pro regime supporters have some trapped in the square and some reporters on lock down.

TomCat said...

I did, Jim, and I wrote about it this morning. It seemed clear that they were the Egyptian equivalent of Teabaggers: astro-turfed brown shirts.

an average patriot said...

I'll be by! It is definitely instigated by Mubarak interests. I couldn't believe all the cocktails being thrown and shots being fired and other violence and the military did nothing. I hear eventually they will and on the side of the people.