Saturday, February 26, 2011

Iraq's role in the New Middle East Disorder

Iraq: key facts and figures

Baghdad diary: Search for power

Live: Libya and Arab unrest

Tens of thousands of protesters turned out in cities across the Middle East on Friday to protest the unaccountability of their leaders and express solidarity with the uprising in Libya. Hundreds of Thousands Protest Across the Mideast

Demonstration turn violent in central Baghdad

Protesters Turn Out Across Iraq, thousands of Iraqis have taken to the streets across the country to protest against corruption and a lack of basic services. So far 6 killed in their day of rage

Hundreds of demonstrators converged on a square in central Baghdad on Friday as part of an anti-government rally inspired by uprisings across the Middle East and dubbed the "Day of Rage." The Iraqi capital was virtually locked down, with soldiers deployed en masse across central Baghdad

We have been shoring up the Dictator's in the Middle East for years. We turned our heads as to their abuse of their people as long as they supported us and did our bidding. For now the Egyptian people seem to have won and are very happy. All they want now is Democratic elections to elect the leader they want in their new Democracy. I hope it works out that way.

Egypt's Defense Minister Muhammad sayyid tantawi is head of the Higher Military Council that now has control of Egypt. We have strong ties with Egypt's military regime so this sounds pretty good for us. Switzerland announced immediately that they were freezing all Mubarak's and his families assets. Makes me wonder if securing them is one of the reasons Mubarak was holding on. Kaddafi is still ruthlessly holding on and Switzerland has frozen his and his families substantial assets.

The rest of the Dictators in the Middle East have to be very worried about these developments. They just begin with Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, Iran is on the list too. This all has worked out to be a movement to pick your own leader and destiny. To date the Libyan's are paying the highest price. The rest of North Africa and the Middle East see at least some of the dictators will kill them all in order to keep their fascist agenda on line.

In closing: Bush's intention in attacking Iraq was to get our military back in the Middle East to help Israel establish a safety zone, create a new middle east (dis)order as God told him to, and to establish a permanent middle east presence. I was very concerned that this entire mess in the middle east would take on a life of its own We freed Iran up to instigate for their new order by eliminating Saddam who kept them contained.

The middle east is exploding as we long said it would and anti Israeli anti US forces are trying to use it to their advantage. Israel is nervous as they should be with all their hedging at a real 2 state solution. Across the Arab world, people living under the thumb of repressive leaders are rising up against the rulers who once seemed omnipotent. It is no coincidence these were all American allies! They are not quite sure what they want. But from North Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, they know they want change. And their wrath and their courage are creating a new form of Arab unity.

The goal since we went back into the Middle East has been to see whose version of a new middle east order will prevail. I have faith it will not be Persian Iran's version and not ours but rather a free and Democratic Arabian version whatever shape that may take.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Hard to say what it will land up like in the end. But this I do know those near the top are facing the losses of the rest of their society. Why else would military leaders abandon their posts. Much like Hitlers' generals abandoned him near the end I think they realize that Gadafi has gone power mad. Ultimate power tends to corrupt and we're seeing that unfold before our very eyes. The sad thing is we're seeing that in this country as well.

an average patriot said...

I wish someone close to Gaddafi would kill him before he can open his arsenals to anyone who wants to get involved and that mustard gas concerns me. The guy is on drugs and mad!