Friday, December 05, 2008

Remember Biden said Obama will be tested by international crisis within 6 months? Iran and Israel will guarantee it!

I have been saying for years now that Bush diverted from Afghanistan to attack Iraq and get our military back into the middle east to help Israel with their "Buffer Zone" and the ultimate goal of attacking Iran. Despite on going efforts to find an excuse to attack Iran Three years ago it became obvious that Israel was going to eventually attack Iran and coming to Israel's aid would be the excuse to attack Iran! My big concern has always been that Russia has ordered its special forces in Iran to protect their interests if we attack! That attack is coming closer as Iran and Israel prepare to guarantee that Obama will have his crisis test if Israel does not attack Iran before he is elected?

How timely as we are warned once again Israel is drawing up plans to attack Iran's nuclear facilities and is prepared to launch a strike without backing from the U.S., an Israeli newspaper reported Thursday. Officials in the Israeli Defense Ministry told The Jerusalem Post that while they prefer to act in consultation with the U.S., they are preparing plans that would allow them to act alone. "It is always better to coordinate," a senior Defense Ministry official told the newspaper. "But we are also preparing options that do not include coordination." It would be difficult, but not impossible, to launch a strike against Iran without permission from the U.S., as the American Air Force controls the Iraqi airspace Israel's jets would have to enter on a bombing mission.

Hell it is one way to get the price of oil back up! "There are a wide range of risks one takes when embarking on such an operation," a senior Israeli official told the Post. Iran, the world's fourth-largest crude oil producer, maintains that its uranium enrichment activities are aimed at making fuel for a network of planned electricity-generating nuclear power plants and not for developing weapons. However Israel intelligence sources say Iran has sufficient nuclear material to make an atomic bomb. Last month, amid mounting fears in Israel that the U.S. was doing nothing to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power, Ehud Olmert, Israel's Prime Minister, warned President Bush the last chance of destroying Tehran’s nuclear bomb-making program was passing.

Iran dismisses the possibility of an Israeli strike. "We think that regional and international developments and the complicated situation faced by Israel itself will not allow it to launch military strikes against other countries," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi said, according to the Press TV Web site. "Israel makes threats to promote its psychological and media warfare," Qashqavi said. A report, published in September in Britain's Guardian newspaper, claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert requested a green light to attack Iran in May but was refused by Bush. That is old news! Israel preparing to force US hand on Iran

With that crisis coming to a head what a surprise as The Fox Forum warns we must act fast! Within 6 months? Anyway as most know A week after the UN’s nuclear watchdog released an alarming report on the status of Iran’s nuclear program, Tehran declared that it now has more than 5,000 centrifuges operating and enriching uranium, and that it has launched another rocket into space. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) report is based on its most recent inspections in early November. It states that Tehran now has nearly 630 kilograms, or about 1,390 pounds, of low-enriched uranium (LEU). Several highly regarded nuclear experts have concluded that the amount is enough to build a nuclear bomb when converted into high-enriched uranium (HEU). The survival of this unpopular regime depends on its being in a state of perpetual crisis. The Iranian theocracy is incapable of acting as a “normal” state or enacting the kind of behavioral changes the free world demands. Richard L. Garwin, a top nuclear physicist who helped invent the hydrogen bomb, told The New York Times, “They clearly have enough material for a bomb.” Garwin’s assessment was shared by Siegfried S. Hecker, a former director of the Los Alamos weapons laboratory, who told The Times that the size of Tehran’s LEU stockpile “underscored that they are marching down the path to developing the nuclear weapons option.” Thomas B. Cochran of the Natural Resources Defense Council referred to the size of Iran’s stockpile as a “virtual milestone,” maintaining that it was enough for an advanced implosion-type bomb.

Other experts say the ayatollahs’ regime still needs more LEU, but they quickly add that it only takes a few months to produce the required amount. The latest report is all the more alarming because the IAEA’s assessment was based on Iran having around 3,800 centrifuges in operation, not the nearly 5,000 declared on November 26. The report underscores that Tehran is in breach of four UN Security Council resolutions and is defying the international demand that it halt nuclear enrichment and relevant activities. The head of Tehran’s Atomic Energy Organization, Gholamreza Aghazadeh, told reporters that “suspension of nuclear enrichment is not in our vocabulary.” His pronouncement is very much in line with previous statements by the regime’s entire leadership, from Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei down to the regime’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani. In fact as Aghazadeh was making the announcement about the 5,000 centrifuges, Khamenei was telling another audience that his terrorist regime has now achieved “regional hegemony.”

The November 19 IAEA report states that “There remain a number of outstanding issues regarding the existence of possible military dimensions to Iran’s nuclear program.” It adds that “Iran has not offered any cooperation with the Agency since that report and has not yet provided the requested information, or access to the requested documentation, locations or individuals.” Equally worrying, the report admits that the IAEA has not been able “to provide credible assurance about the absence of undeclared nuclear material and activities in Iran.” A comparison of the IAEA’s two most recent reports show that Iran’s nuclear program, controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and intimately supervised by Khamenei, has overcome many technical problems. The ayatollahs’ plan is obvious: produce enough LEU, under the nose of the IAEA and under the pretext of a benign program, and then inject it back into the centrifuge cascades to produce HEU, a weapons-usable material. The report also reflects the utter failure of the diplomatic track set in motion early this year, which was designed to entice the ayatollahs into compliance in exchange for a package of very substantial economic, political, and technological incentives. The failed initiative merely bestowed on the ayatollahs the much needed time to resolve the technical issues, and install more and better centrifuges. We're warned to act fast but?

* We are warned that If the mullahs are not stopped, the free world will soon find itself looking at a nuclear-armed state-sponsor of terror bent on using Iraq as a springboard for its aggressive regional agenda. A growing number of policy makers, including members of Congress from both sides of the aisle, believe that sanctions should be coupled with political pressure. Washington should reach out to Iran’s main democratic opposition, whose blacklisting has only emboldened the real terrorists ruling Iran. Myself I have looked at this so called nuclear issue as an excuse to ramp up anxiety until an excuse can be manufactured to attack Iran as it was too attack Iraq! What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner' Ma


Middle Ditch said...

You are so flipping well informed. World wars have begun with such minor incidents that this is quite possible. Frightening.


Sorry that I haven't been for a while.

an average patriot said...

Hi Monique!
What do you mean you haven't been, you are! They have been instigating it since Bush was elected or what ever you call that fiasco! Denied but openly the goal since 9/11 and the Patriot Act gave Bush the power to do it! Stay in touch you!

Naj said...

Naaah ... they won't attack! All this is 'internal politics' bullshit; keep in mind an election's on the way in Israel!

Israel is not suicidal; and it knows it won't have the blessing of America to attack Iran; they are just trying to diverge attention from the prospect of peace bw Iran and the US ... this is such a 'usual' politics that I am not even bothering to be bothered by it :)

an average patriot said...

Hi naj!
As you know and I keep sying, you can not put anything past these idiots! You know I have said for years coming to Israel's rescue will be our excuse for more war. I have not looked yet but I just saw Rice warned Pakistan act now or we will. They will get this going one way or the other and the timing of all this is no coincidence1 Think about all this together! Take care and stay in touch!

JohnnyB said...

With Rahm Emanuel at the helm, anything is possible.

an average patriot said...

Johnny B
I am afraid past history and Obama's war cabinet prove you right on!