Sunday, December 14, 2008

I almost forgot I am back on the road tomorrow My visit in Florida is over!

I am back on the road tomorrow! My visit in Florida is over and my son and I will be driving back to Massachusetts! We will be stopping in South Carolina to see another son before he redeploys to Iraq! We will spend the night there and leave the next day hopefully timing the drive so we beat the traffic in New York City!

We are about six hours from there but I may be a few more days before I can get on line because I was just on the phone and I have no idea what kind of mess we are going to find at my house.

You may have heard the North East was hit pretty hard by an ice storm. The entire city of Gardner is without power and the city is a mess with downed trees and power lines.

We had a tree fall and hit our house and no electricity. It is winter and I expect a hell of a mess with everything such as plumbing frozen and broken. From what I understand it will start coming back in spurts on Tuesday so bear with me. I'll be back!


Dave Dubya said...

I hope your damage is minimal.

Just don't call Joe the Plumber if you need pipes replaced. He's not certified and he's busy having someone else write his book for him.

betmo said...

well, that sucks! and i realize that's an understatement. good luck and post when you can. the images your words conjure up- not pretty. drive safely.

One Fly said...

Good luck Jim!!

an average patriot said...

Hey Guys!
Thanks! I won't call Joe the plumber! I won't know what was damaged by thr tree or the cold until I get home. From what I understand they expect to have power back in the city Tuesday at the latest and that is when we are due.
I atleast hope they have the power back on before we get back! She paid someone that came by to take the tree off the house and cut it up. I don't know about the rest of the country but in Mass you pay or you're on your own. No one helps because you're in trouble like I do and think is normal!
Anyway I am on Joe's lap top in Charlseton right now and we will hit the road tomorrow. Take care you all will hear from me!


All the best for your son, James. That he may come home safe and sound.

Snave said...

Sounds like a wild kind of time for you, sir. My best wishes to you and your family! I hope things are o.k. at your house. The stuff I have been seeing on the news about the NE weather the last few days has been pretty scary. Yes, even scarier than Joe the Dumber, if that is possible.

Take care!

Karen said...

Hope when you return home, all will fall into place. This weather is nasty but worse in your neck of the woods by what I've been seeing.

At least you can have a little *giggle* knowing Bush had the shoe, er, shoes thrown at him! But, unfortunately, he ducked like he has with everything in the last eight years. Too bad!!

Just 35 days to go before we're rid of the SOB. Then Barack will be left with the carnage.

an average patriot said...

Thanks Hillblogger
I was quite impressed with what he is doing. He is good and will be alright even in this environment. Ihings got hairy coming home as we were tied in an accident on the bridge in NY city. At 1:00 AM quite hairy! Then it got worse, anyway I am back! Bear with me!
Hi Snave! Yes, we got in at 3:AM and it will take a while to get back to normal as we just got power back and there is quite a mess still outside!
Hi Karen! I was pretty surprised at the mess but while after 18 hours on the road we had our own problems I will never hear the end of this!
I did have a good giggle over the shoe incident but I wish they killed the bastard. Did tou hear the friggen fool? I really have to wish Obama well as Bush has done his best to Bankrupt America, make his damage parmanent, and Hamstring Obama from accomplishing anything productive!