Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The dazzling is just beginning! Obama dazzles Dems and GOP with Cabinet picks!

Obama dazzles Dems and GOP with Cabinet picks!

After naming his economic team and his national security team at record speed, President-elect Barack Obama will now focus on filling the last half of his Cabinet. Rounding out his Cabinet will be the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Energy, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Labor, Veterans Affairs, Transportation and Education. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson is expected to be named commerce secretary and Tom Daschle has been widely touted as secretary of health and human services. And speculation is growing that Tammy Duckworth, director of the Illinois Department of Veterans' Affairs, will get the nod to lead the national department. What has been most striking about Obama's nominations so far is the speed at which he has named them and the lack of controversy. The president-elect has moved swiftly to try to bring reassurances and continuity in the federal government as the world grapples with war, recession and terrorist threats, which erupted last week in Mumbai, India.

On Monday, Obama introduced his national security team, picking Democratic primary rival Hillary Clinton to be secretary of state and President Bush's defense secretary, Robert Gates, to continue at his post. The announcements marked a shift in emphasis after his of appointments last week of his economic team, led by Timothy Geithner as treasury secretary. "I think the times demand this," Democratic consultant Martin Frost told "I don't think you can go at a leisurely pace." Frost said the sequence in which Obama has announced his Cabinet members isn't unusual, noting that economic and national security issues are the top priorities for any president. "I think he's done this in a very careful way," Frost said, adding that Obama's picks have drawn favorable reviews from both sides of the aisle. GOP consultant Doug Heye praised Obama for how he he has rolled out his Cabinet members so far.

"The Obama transition team has made a strategic decision on how this will be done," Heye said, noting Obama's move to present his economic team last week followed by his national security advisers this week. "We don't know yet what next week will be," he joked. But Heye added that Obama, by not naming an energy secretary yet, runs the risk of signaling that energy independence is not as important to his administration. "Energy policy is something he said would be a top priority," he said. "We haven't even got any real rumors of who's being vetted." Even so, Obama's picks have allowed Republicans to breathe a sigh of relief. "I think there's a number of things for people who didn't vote for him to be relieved about," GOP consultant Cheri Jacobus told, citing Obama's decision to keep Gates on as defense secretary. Jacobus said Obama so far has resembled Sen. John McCain or President Bush. She said Obama has been able to move as fast as he has because he doesn't feel obligated to repay any of the special interest groups that helped him get elected. Obama Dazzles with Cabinet picks

* As a kid I learned if you can not dazzle them with Brilliance Baffle them with Bull shit. Bush has baffled us with Bull shit prepare to be dazzled with Brilliance by Barack!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma



Yet many so-called pundits are all over the place criticising Obama's pick for Sec of State.

She is clearly qualified and superqualified. She is respected the world over and admired by scores of millions on the international front. If there's one person who can regain the esteem of the world for the US, it's Clinton. Why on earth are Americans clearly hell bent on not giving America a second chance?

It boggles the mind!

Jolly Roger said...

I don't worry about Hill as a SoS, although that particular pick seems to have driven a lot of people over the edge. I am considerably more worried about a couple of his economic picks. We'll see, I guess.

Weaseldog said...

Hillary is a good pick for SoS.

My problem with her is that supports humanitarian crimes that Israel is committing against the Palestinians.

Further, she's publically advocated military action against Iran.

Obama has chosen a cabinet of Zionists and pro-Zionists. Hillary fits right in.

Obama has put together a very hawkish cabinet. But then, he's advocated more military adventures from the get go.

I guess we may well have elected another 'War President'.

Not that McCain would've been any better.

Obama lies a lot. He reneges on promises. He may be brilliant, but in my view, not in a respectable way.

You seem to be proud of him Jim. I feel like I'm a wet blanket when I comment here.

I do hope you're right.

an average patriot said...

Hill Blogger
I don't have to say I am impressed! I was just listening to Richardson talk about the strong personalities and differences being a great plus and man I agree whole heartedly!

an average patriot said...

Glad to see you! I am a little concerned about some of his picks but bottom line Obama is the decider and that I am psyched about! As soon as I can get to it I am going to put something together for tomorrow about Hillary and now Bill says he would take a position. Imagine?

an average patriot said...

I agree! I do not like a lot of stances but you know for a fact he would be on the outside looking in if he had a different public stance on Iran and Israel! Bottom line to me is what he will do when all is said and done and I hope he uses the discretion I think he has!

WeezieLou said...

i'm very excited abt his choices and his speed. i'll never forget his serious demeanor the night he won. contrast that with all the recent self-congratulatory other election night victories. i knew at that moment that here was a man who was ready to accept his responsibility immediately.

i think his choice if hillary was inspired, and that she thought seriously abt it. she also didn't jump up and down with high school glee. she was pretty set in the senate to pick up ted kennedy's mantle of social responsibility.

it's easy to pick apart every single appointment, every person. it's easy to pick everything apart. but critique is one thing, and cynicism is another.

as i hope the country can start anew, i want to do the same. i'm ready to watch and wait - and i'm really wanting to put my doom-and-gloom bush year feelings aside. isn't that what we're asking the world to do? to give America another chance?

an average patriot said...

It is nice to hear someone as positive about this as me! I think his picks are inspired. His hand in most instances has already been force here and around the world but bottom line I have faith in him and he is the new decider I hope!

Karen said...

The thing that impresses me most with Barack's picks is how they reflect his self-confidence.

Isn't it refreshing to have such a wonderful person as our president-elect.

an average patriot said...

Yes Karen I agree! I only hope we have better luck than we did with JFK,RFK, and MLK! I was just going to leave a comment on your site but figured I would save myself the angst!
It was the ARM's and giving loans to anyone regardless of ability to pay as part of Bush and Greenspan's purposeful program to bankrupt America. As I keep saying, it is well on its way and the timing is no coincidence!