Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Todays observation/the planet has had enough of man's Negative Influence

I was thinking of all the natural disasters that seem to be occurring more frequently and are frequently more horrific. There have throughout the history of the world always been tremeandous natural disasters as we all know. However, they are increasing at a more frequent rate. they are also increasingly more damaging to man as he populates and influences the planet negatively. We as American's have had more than our share of late. We are still reeling from Katrina and are preparing as we speak for hurricane Rita. I explained in a manuscript on Man's and the planet's Life Cycles that we are through our maturing stage where World Wars were survivable by man and the Planet. We are now in the Nurturing stage of both man's and the planet's life Cycles. Our weapons have become too horrific for man or the planet to survive. We still fail to act acccordingly. The planet like man have hit the point of overload. The planet as we are witnessing is now reacting to our negative influence on her natural ability to heal herself. Global warming, Glacial melting, the greenhouse effect, and rising oceans aside. The planet and man no longer need war to ensure destruction. The Planet is now capable more than ever of doing that herself. As we all know and are winessing, man has not learned to set aside his warring ways. We will continue to speed up the natural cycle of man and the planet until we have achieved our demise. As i've always said, if something's survival is dependant on mans management then it will die. Man has proven time and time again to not be capable of managing himself let alone anything else.
James M Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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