Saturday, September 16, 2017

Bush made me come to the conclusion that unless you are adversarial and willing to instigate war you can not be president of the United States!

He made me revisit and rethink our entire past. Some of you know I did regular updates on Bush's drive for world war and how he attacked Iraq to get into the middle east in order to attack Iran and get his new world order forever war going. We watched Bush ignore all good advice to the contrary and attacked Iraq so he could get his new middle east (dis)order under way.

We then watched him use every excuse and instigation possible to get the war with Iran under way. When the confrontation in the Gulf between our navy and Iran's IRG came about it was instantly obvious that we were fabricating much of the situation in an attempt to justify further action. under scrutiny the voices were dubbed and or came from shore and its authenticity was even doubted by the Pentagon.

Having discussions over the Gulf confrontation many were calling it another Tonkin Gulf and I agreed in that confrontation was going to happen that would again lead to war. However I was stupid! I actually fell for the lies that we were forced into action, stupid me! I watched the news yesterday on CNN and they were discussing Vietnam. I was stunned to hear that 15% of combat deaths were due to friendly fire. Then I heard that the North Vietnamese compromised our radio network and would call our forces to fire on themselves.

While I was researching this I saw stories of South Vietnamese soldiers killing Americans as we know occurred. What surprised me was the fabrication of the Tonkin Gulf so the excuse could be found to go to war. They were obvious lies and it is now called a "misunderstanding" or language problem. That is BS, we are purposely falsifying information and intelligence as we did then, as we did to attack Iraq, and as we are doing now to find a way to attack Iran.

At this point I don't know who is lying about what on any side of an issue, who really wants what, and what if anything has really changed under Obama. I suggest you look at this NSA report that was finally declassified in 2005 despite Bush efforts to keep the truth from us. Tonkin Gulf was a lie

Anyway I was having a discussion in regard to Iraq and Dave Dubya rightly said Iraq is sucking the economic and moral life out of this country. Our never ending occupation is bankrupting us faster than we realize. And most of the idiots running for president won't face the facts. Oh, and giving money to former Sunni insurgents for more weapons should work out just fine, eh? My response after being awake all night and thinking about it was The lunacy is phenomenal. After Bush ignoring Afghanistan for 7 years we are doing just that in Afghanistan. Was Iraq a success? Will Afghanistan be another of the same?

Under the idiot Bush we have expounded on every single mistake ever made only that idiot was clandestinely doing it on purpose to fight and implement his so called new order. I was listening to a program about Vietnam and Tet etc. knowing I believe we allowed Pearl Harbor to happen and Bush was instigating Iran and the world for world war while saying he wants peace I have come to the conclusion that you can not be President of the United States unless you are adversarial and willing to instigate war. Anyway now Iran has taken over the instigation to war.

Think about it! Because of Bush's purposeful war mongering I am really starting to rethink our war history as we have also had many discussions of our war mongering and profiteering. I am not very proud of our past as I am seriously contemplating why these wars were instigated and fought as we watch it happening all over again before our eyes. I decided a little research was in order! It is very interesting noticing that party has nothing to do with getting into a war situation. You will find this list of the portraits, and party's of the men we call The US Presidents

* I decided to take a look at the wars we have fought in the past and was amazed. I have never even heard of some of these wars often clandestine and called intervention wars. We have almost never been at peace. Look at these wars and now think

** Knowing in my own mind I believe the attack was allowed to happen on Pearl Harbor because an excuse had to be found to unite the American people and would give FDR the excuse to come to England's rescue. Knowing 9/11 was allowed to happen so Bush could steal absolute power to attack Afghanistan, and Iraq. Knowing we lied to get into Vietnam, knowing lies and instigation is going on once again in order to manufacture an excuse to attack Iran, and knowing everything Bush does around the world is to appear peaceful while instigating war, I am now very Leary about our past!

** Have we been instigating all these continuous wars? Have we done it only for financial gain as we have discussed in the past? Only President Carter comes to my mind as a peace President! So I have to believe at this point that a president can not be elected certainly today unless they are willing to instigate war for gain! Please check out the links and give me your thoughts on this!

James Joiner
Gardner Ma


Holte Ender said...

The United States is doing what all great powers throughout history have done, (first as a regional power, now as a world power) and that is wage war until military overstretch bankrupts the country. China and Russian watch as it happens, then it will be their turn, unless they starting reading history.

Think about it, how shocked would Americans be, if Russia or China launched a massive military campaign, thousands of miles from their home shores.

Demeur said...

In the past countries invaded other lands to gain resources of wealth and power. With our present industrial military complex we don't even need to go after a country with assets. The motivations in all these wars is quite simple... greed. With corporations making billions and controlling congress would you expect anything else?
Our former president Shrub had to try and prove to his Daddy that he could actually accomplish something. As you may remember he failed as a pilot. He failed as an oil company president and failed even as the head of a baseball team. But W was nothing but a stooge for Cheney, Rove, and the rest of the gang. You know the kid, the one you can con into doing stupid things. That was Bush. I'm sure they fed his ego to get him to do exactly what they wanted.
I also think that that's why they hate Obama because he didn't come out of any corporate interest so they really can't control him. That's not to say there isn't influences in the background. He did meet with the higher ups in the Hamptons during the elections.

an average patriot said...

You're right Holte but it is disgusting as we are almost at the end of our road.

an average patriot said...

Demeur Bush proved something all right. He continued his record of being a life long loser. He destroyed our and the whole worlds order.

Cheney Rove and the others needed a mindless idiot to push their plans through that is why they got the shrub elected.

Anonymous said...


Tim said...

Hmmm it seems with two you get egg roll..