Monday, September 04, 2017

Water, water everywhere and not enough to drink or use According to the EPA, 41 states have reported higher than acceptable levels of lead in drinking water in the last three fiscal years. What this means is that only nine states in the U.S. reported safe lead levels in their water supply: Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee. But that doesn’t ensure that their water is safe.
Americans live under the assumption that water is cheap, pure, and plentiful. But how true is that?

UN says 2 bln more people get safe water to : More than 2 billion people have gained access to better drinking water sources, such as piped supplies and protected wells, between 1990 and 2010, U.N. officials said on Tuesday. 

The figure means the world has met the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goal (MDG) to halve the proportion of people with no safe drinking water well ahead of a 2015 deadline, UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) said. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said this was "a great achievement for the people of the world" and noted it was one of the first MDGs to be met.

Clean water for the entire world an ambitious goal but thanks to man an impossible endeavor
Access to clean drinking water planetary wide projects: Boy are we in trouble

I must admit this is an enviable goal but thanks to man clean water for all is an impossible endeavor. It is much easier to bring water to all which in itself is impossible though over a year ago I wrote on the UN's declaration of clean water as a basic human right and its impossibility. Once again this is another issue getting worse every day not better.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 UN declares access to water a basic human right, man are we in trouble!

UN declares access to water a basic human right

We are grossly failing ourselves and the world and we won't even get into the worlds growing water wars! Please look at it though water wars are a rapidly growing world crisis Anyway, remember our discussion during earth day?

880 mn people lack access to clean water: Red Cross In honor of earth week and earth day March 27th I do a story on how dire the situation on the health or our planet really is. I started warning of the changing environment and our involvement in it when I was in high school in 1970. My efforts were always laughed at but it is too late to turn around and no one is laughing any more.

Anyway I have written so extensively in the past it would take a book so I will just mention a link from an expert and whistle blower as to Global nuclear cover up, Depleted uranium, Gulf war Syndrome,increased Autism Diabetes Cancer, and how we have in just this one respect poisoned our own Mother. Mother Earth!
The World Economic Forum was overwhelmed Likewise I have also written in the past about the huge swirl of garbage in the Pacific ocean.

After happening onto Fabien Cousteau discussing the fact that it has now doubled in size in just 2 years and is now twice the size of Texas I was stunned and wanted to point this out. Fabien Cousteau on the dire condition of our ocean

Ocean Pollution Grows Larger From 100 Million Tons of Garbage

there are huge islands of garbage swirling together into ever-growing "cyclones" of debris

Continent-sized swirl of rubbish raises alarm , it is a horrible new Habitat

* Wake up we are killing our Mother and not with kindness. We throw away 43,000 tons of food away every day in America. That is sick in itself! The world is starving hell even Americans are starving and we just throw away 43,000 tons of food a year. Makes me want to scream.
* We are drowning in trash. A family of 5 generates 25 pounds of trash a day. What is our Population? Figure it out!
* We use 100 million plastic bags per year. Enough is enough!

* In closing we are running out of potable water and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris. As a result the monstrous garbage swirl in the pacific described above is only one. There are many and they are in every ocean. The debris field in the pacific is 90 feet deep. Seems to and is twice the size of Texas. Seems to me that this should spawn a new industry for former fishermen. I do not remember the size of fishing nets but I do know they go down 90 feet. Seems to me like a business can be made.

Leave port empty go to these debris fields and bring a catch of garbage and debris back. Instead of getting paid by the pound for the fish you catch you get paid by the pound for what you remove from the debris field. I am sure it can be monitored and we could burn it as an energy source at extreme heats. We have to do something. We are drowning in our Garbage. It is taking over the world. The world as we knew it is already gone. The world as we know it is right behind unless we wake up and yesterday not next year!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Not just the oceans that are polluted but our rivers as well. I feel sorry for any city that relies on a river for it's water source.

an average patriot said...

Seems like the only thing safe any more is very deep and protected aquifers.

Jason said...

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Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim ... the first and 2nd links didnt work when I clicked them (error), neither did "world economic forum overwhelmed", "ocean pollution grows larger", or "huge islands of garbage" links ... at least they didnt work for me, they said either page not found or error (?). Water is an issue that you dont hear hardly a damn thing about either. When I was younger, I never would have thought that I would be paying to drink water. For several years now, I been only drinking bottled water, I buy it several cases at a time, even keep it in the car. I dont look at us failing ourselves as much as I look at our prepaid leadership/ politics failing us. We live in an era of neoliberalism (corporate communism), everything is turned into a commodity and every living being just sux. And frankly those at top intend on eliminating a great deal of the populations indirectly, whether it's through starvation, health care, or whatever else. I mean, there will not even be jobs for the masses in near future with automation and AI. They plan to create their vision of a Utopian society ... too long story to get in to here, wrote about it though myself. But this is why they are ratholing all our wealth, inovations/ inventions, resources, etc ... even they expect millions to be wiped out through global warming, etc. Hey Jim ... hope ya'll have a good Labor Day

Ranch Chimp said...

What I mean by they at the top are ratholing everything, including our wealth ... is to build their future empires of what we call the "1%", they expect for most, or at least 90% population reduction. After they use us, they have no reason to keep us, or need for us with automation. That is why we should fight them ... they are OUR enemy ... and they will not win all they are expecting either.