Sunday, September 03, 2017

North Korea President Trumps Cuban missile crisis?

Remember this warning 2 years ago?

Don't for a minute think Russia has not been feeding rapid technological advances to North Korea on long range missiles an nuclear missile capable technology. Also North Korea will not be alone when we are finally forced to act. Russia is not preparing for a military exercise on its border as it keeps saying. Remember this exact scenario leading to WW2.  

U.S. flies bombers over South Korea, N. Korea's Kim aims rockets at DC, LA, Hawaii and Austin, Japan and North Korea threaten each other with war.

Behind Kim, a chart titled "U.S. mainland strike plan" can be seen and a map shows missiles arcing into the U.S. locations. im warned Friday he is preparing to "settle accounts with the U.S." after the U.S. deployed B-2 stealth bombers to South Korea to participate in a training exercise Thursday.

The U.S. military's announcement earlier this month that it was flying B52 Bombers over South Korea to participate in the routine exercises prompted an angry reaction from the regime of Kim Jong Un, which has unleashed a torrent of threats in the past few weeks.

I am convinced I am not alone in thinking China believes the United States is more and more feeling threatened by North Korea's bellicose threats and that they can soon back it up. I believe they are stupid enough to attack the US with nuclear weapons. China better step up before this gets out of control.

Anyway so too China is seeing the same thing and her goal is to keep us away not to see us instigated to make a preemptive attack that would require China to get involved. It would throw off all China's plans to make her the number one power in the world.

China's real role here is her goal to keep Democracy off her doorstep and the Kim regime in power because they will remain a puppet whose strings China can pull.

In the end I don't care what they say. This is a confrontation long in the works. MacArthur was right wanting to go right through North Korea then China back than because it would eventually have to be done. There is a lot behind the scenes to be concerned with here and yes China is our banker but they are over stepping their boundaries.

We owe them trillions "or at least 1.7" but with Russia's cooperation we can come out on top here. I fully expect we would and in the end being victors we would cancel our debt to China!

I hear people right here in the US justifying North Korea starving its citizens so they can terrorize the world with a 1.2 million man nuclear armed standing military. Of course it is our fault because of the Korean war. It is not our fault it is China's fault as they are using the Korean dupes to keep us away from their border.

I am afraid North Korea has gotten out of China's control. North Korea would have a great future if she reunified with a modern successful South Korea but that will never happen. Instead North Korea will continue to be more dangerous and vitriolic. war coming? And with who?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Jim ... I noticed you were back to blogging. I made sure to add you to my website list column since I have one now on my blog. WTF is up with these guyz and old Slim Kim firing off these missiles and selling woof tickets? ... are they f'n nutz? No one wants a nuke war, especially the biggest holders of wealth. I think it's bullshit, and cant even figure out yet who is doing what and why. No doubt ole Slim (Kim) picked the right man to f*ck with ... old Trump ... they are compatible for temper tantrums. Hey Jim, just wanted to say Hi ... hope ya'll are well up there man. ... Later

James Joiner said...

Glad to see you man, I have been on FB but Kim is merely leading the way he will in fact be with Russia China Iran and the rest of our enemies. Putin got back in years ago to lead the war against US hegemony. I am only surprised are how stupid we are o think NK is crazy to take us on. We are the fools they are not alone.