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A history of The One God, Installment 4

Belief in God, believe it or not, started around fourteen thousand years ago. I know myself, I was always led to believe, and inclined to think that belief in God was started by the Jews. I was led to believe that they had a patent on God and everyone else was wasting their time, wrong. Years ago people believed spirits resided, as many of us still do, in places and things such as rocks, mountains, plants, and other beautiful objects of nature.

The Arabs called this Jinn, various tribes around the world knew this as Manna, and Latin’s, as Numina. All religions revered nature as being close to God. Atheists, which are looked down upon by the three great religions, also believe in this and revere nature.

 So you see, you are all right, and just differ in the respect that atheists do not feel the need to carry knowledge any further as some of us do. It all depends on how much of an explanation one needs to understand his or her role on the planet and in life.

 Depending on a persons needs they will go to, and find what they need in many of various religions. Atheists believe that life on this planet is a very rare but natural occurrence, as naturalist, evolutionist, and many of us others do.

Some people only have a need to carry the process further and assign these creations to the doings of a God, and further, to a vision by an identified prophet.

*At one point in time every religious faith including, Jews, Muslims, and especially Christians, were thought of as atheists. This was because their beliefs did not agree with existing beliefs in practice at the time.

Nonbelievers, (atheists), until very recently, were very rare. During Abraham’s, time, virtually everyone believed. With the advent of ever improving fields of science being able to explain many of the great mysteries of the world many people all over the world have of late, been moving away from their belief in the one God.

What most people fail to realize, is that another perfectly natural and cyclical occurrence, is unfolding right now. It is one, of many that is happening all at the same time.

 One is feeding the other and God willing, everything will work out favorably. Once again, Christians and Jews, due to the increasing unease about their surroundings are beginning to look to God for answers.

All the bombings, killings, terrorism, and many, many, problems in our Governments have become too much for most to bear alone. This is especially true in the U.S. with a multitude of systematic moral inequities right here at home.

 This is due in large part to our moral degradation and our perceived inability to do the right thing. People are more and more turning back to the one true God in ever increasing numbers or moving away all together.

Shortly, further on in this discussion I am going to blow your collective minds away. We will be pointing out something that has happened to both the Jews, and the Christians, and is now happening to the Muslims.

Yes, what we are conveniently calling terrorism is once again, a natural occurrence. The big problem now is that the shoe is on the other foot.

 With the stakes certainly being much higher, and the weapons and means, a lot more violent we cannot allow this to happen. I believe it would be more accurate and in line with mans cyclical history to stop calling the blight facing the entire world today terrorism. It would be more accurate if we started to start calling it what it really is, an”Islamist Jihad”.

As we discussed, with the early belief that spirits resided in naturally beautiful places in nature. Civilized man has always sought to get as close to nature as he could. Man has always believed that this would bring him closer to God. This, as my fellow Americans well know, is how Native Americans felt.

This in particular is what makes this Islamist Jihad so particularly disturbing. It’s not that they don’t care about human life, including their own. It is that they are willing to destroy the very planet that they believe God created for them.

 They do this with the absolutely ridiculous belief that they are going to be rewarded once they die and go to heave. The unbelievable part of this is that they expect 42 virgins, and rivers of gold, or something like that.

Come on people of the world, this planet, this world, this land, is all we are going to get. For the sake of the generations to follow us, we must take care of this. That includes helping the families left behind by the Islamists. They more often than not are left morally and financially destitute. The Islamists leave behind, ruins, and very often, land that is no longer viable for human habitation.

We have mentioned that man has always sought out his own roll in life on this planet. It must also be noted that in forming the three great modern religions he has assigned natural earthly phenomena, stratospheric positions in all 3 faiths, (Muslim, Christian, and Jewish). This is not just another coincidence.

 All those of faith, non faith or believer on any kind of level all believe in the natural earthly phenomena. We are one with the earth and the universe and everyone regardless of their belief shares this belief.

The Bible, the Torah, and Koran, can each be read by hundreds of people, and every one of these people would leave with a different understanding. This is not only condoned but self interpretation is encouraged. This is so you can find the answers to your questions and satisfy your personal needs.

 The 3 holy books sometimes leave questions unaddressed, unanswered, and purposely vague, as religious leaders do not have the answers themselves.

All 3 religions have a heaven which of course is the universe around us. They all have a hell, which only makes sense, is a depiction of the earth’s core. I believe, as many of you do that there is a purgatory and we the living, are in it right now.

What stinks is that due to our own negligence and irresponsibility we are creating a living hell on earth. 

This belief in the celestial system once again makes all religions and atheists in general agreement. Minus, of course, the belief of the one God that many feel looks over everything.
 Does this lack of belief in Gods role thought by Muslims, Jews, and Christians, also make Buddhists and other non-believing religions, atheists?
 Since they too believe that every form of life has a natural occurrence. I, like many of you, believe life on earth is a natural but rare occurrence.
 I believe this, with the addition that God, as we think of him, stepped in and made man in his own image. We will expound on this shortly. 
Belief in what is considered today as the one true God began as the God of Abraham 4000 years ago. This is true for the Koran, Torah, and Bible. 
We talked about the fact that all 3 Holy books are often vague and explanations often non existent due to lack of answers. Many of you will be astounded, I’m sure, when you hear what I and many others believe the ancient writings of Genesis and other scriptures, are really telling us.
 When you stop and think about it you to will agree, there is a God, but... Religion and the lies we call History
Let’s talk something over first. I have to say once again, that the process of researching is absolutely phenomenal. You always hear people say that what they found out is not what they expected to find when they started.
Boy, did we ever prove that to be right on. In researching we just gave absolute and unequivocal credence to our theory of what is really happening in our society. 
 We also found that we were right as to who we are really fighting, and what their real goal is. The stupefying part of all this is that our leaders just don’t see, or get it. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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