Thursday, November 07, 2013

It is now obvious the target for Bush's missile Defense System is Russia!

US starts building anti-missile shield in Romania
 Romania starts building its end of anti Russian missile defence shield

Romania starts work on US missile defense base: The Missile Defense Facility will be maintained by US service personnel and house SM-3 interceptor missiles as well as radar equipment.

Russia is concerned that the missile system could be used against Russian interests. Moscow has threatened to aim a new generation of missiles at European military targets and deploy its own missile interceptors.
What's next now? Knowing that in the past Russia had expressed their anger over the missile Defence system proposed for Poland and Czechoslovakia and at one point to counter this proposal even offered to have them housed on their soil. Of course this offer was turned down as was the offer by Britain to have them on their soil.

The Bush line was that these systems are needed to counter the threat from Iran and North Korea. That sounds absolutely ludicrous if you ask me. In response to Bush's refusal to not deploy the systems Russia countered when President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia would suspend its compliance with a treaty on conventional arms in Europe that was forged at the end of the Cold War.

Instead, Putin said, the Kremlin would use future compliance with the treaty as a bargaining point in the dispute with United States over its proposals to install missile defences in Europe. Can you blame them?

Putin's announcement, made in his annual address to Parliament, underscored the Kremlin's anger at Washington for proposing a new missile-defense system, which the Bush administration and now Obama  insists is meant to counter potential threats from North Korea and Iran. But Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice brusquely dismissed Russian protests, saying the missile-defense system the United States plans to install in Poland and the Czech Republic would pose no danger to the security of Russia.
I thought quite to the contrary! What they are proposing to set up are boost phase interceptors--missiles that target a missile during it's relatively slow lift-off stage while it's still in the atmosphere.

 To accomplish a take down, the chase missile has to take off within 50 seconds--i.e. it has to be in relatively close proximity to the missile it wants to take down. That's why the argument that missiles in Poland and Romania  are supposed to deal with missiles coming from Iran or North Korea is nonsensical. Condi using the word nonsense against Russia gives the game away. They always ascribed their own motivation to others.

Looking at today's statement that Russia cannot alter a U.S. plan to set up a missile defense system in nearby Poland, a senior U.S. official said in an interview published on Wednesday that is likely to stoke Russia's anger over the project. Russia is enraged! "We have listened to them but they have been so intransigent in their position that most NATO allies now support our proposal," he added.

6 years ago U.S. Under secretary of State Nicholas Burns said Russian fears were unjustified as the project was purely defensive and could not be modified to launch attack missiles. He said Russia must remember they are not part of NATO and therefore have no say in the matter. what?
These statements by Burns just told ignorant little me that while these systems could not be modified but they were solely to neutralize any interference by Russia in our plans. The only result of these rising tensions and the purposeful politics of confrontation practiced by the U.S. is to bring us closer to WW3 and our goal of what we think will be our version of new world order. These are my thoughts on the worsening situation, what are yours?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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