Friday, November 08, 2013

UN: The world must not think Al Shabab is down and out

 Al Shabaab promises Kenya Mall attack just the beginning

Al Shabaab promises Kenya Mall attack just the beginning but we can all make it the end.

Kenya Mall Fact Check 


  (CNN) -- We're not done yet.That was the message terrorists of Al-Shabaab gave to Kenya on Wednesday, as officials still sorted through rubble and clues left in the wake of the recent massacre that took 67 lives at a Nairobi shopping mall.Read more: How does Al-Shabaab get its money? The Somali militant group handed the threatening statement to regional media, which passed it on to CNN.   


We thought that Al Shabab would  disperse throughout the world once they were essentially defeated in Somalia, in fact some have shown up in Mali and Afghanistan.However they have shown up in Kenya to pay them back for their role against them in Somalia.These are not Religious fanatics, they are a gang of thugs roaming around the world taking women and food as they want and killing because they have nothing else to do.

After what happened to the United States ending with Black Hawk Down and our departure from Somalia I thought Al Shabab would never be defeated. Then I came to the realization that they could be defeated if area countries and the world rallied around the effort to make them a non entity at least as a separate arm of Al Qaeda.

Al Shabab's demise is not guaranteed yet and I still believe many have largely left for the Gulf of Aden, Yemen, and other areas they think they will have an impact.They have threatened to have an impact all over the world and the group of jobless thugs using Islam so they can stay occupied by killing those against them, will.

Now is the time to open this wide open before the extremists have a chance to take the lead on this. I would rather be on the offence not the defence. These are not Religious fanatics, they are a gang of thugs roaming around the world taking women and food as they want and killing because they have nothing else to do.Fighting and dying is their living. No feelings whatsoever!

 They promise to come to a mall near you.Like it or not we are falling apart as a society but this fight against so called Islamists is just beginning. They have no reason to stop. This is their living, they know nothing else. Islamists are Muslim only by birth. They use it as an excuse to go around the world, eat. and get a stipend for having fun causing mayhem for peace loving people.

Remember, Bin Laden gave millions of Islamic thugs the excuse that they are fighting the west for Islam but they are not. They have insulted Islam and God. Bin Laden got this so called vendetta going and has incited the Islamist rancour he intended. Whether he's Dead or alive the battle is on. For Islamists this has taken on a life of its own. In reality Bin Laden is still the greatest enemy of his people.

Bin Laden is solely responsible for all this war death and destruction. He's no frigging hero to Muslims. They should have hunted him down themselves and ended this! We now have large armed groups of gangs, Al Shabaab is one and now without a country as they have been defeated in Somalia largely with Kenya's help.

They have now set their sites on Kenya and the mall attack is said to only be the beginning an I have to believe this. They should as I write be hunted down wherever they are and kill them wherever they are.

  I laughed last year when "defeated" Al Shabaab joined Al Qaeda but I believe they are becoming a dangerous arm of  a largely defeated Al Qaeda that must be eliminated.

 They are interested in our destruction. violence is their communication.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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