Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Obama ponders total pullout in Afghanistan in 2014

Mullah Omar was invited to join the upcoming election in 2014 and he did not respond. He did not have to he knows when we are gone so is corrupt Karzai. I remember during the election with Abdullah and Karzai's victory was found to be grossly corrupt the people just shrugged and said one corrupt Government is the same as the next.
That said, the people would be wise to remember the cutting off of heads and hands that is routine for the Taliban and how stifling it is under their rule. As a whole they should remember the thousands of them the Taliban have purposely killed. They should form Lashkar's (civilian defense against the Taliban) and eliminate the Taliban or life as they want it is over.

Afghans fear what will happen when troops leave: Among Afghans around the country interviewed by The Associated Press, the worry is pervasive. Many are deeply skeptical that Afghan police and security forces, which the U.S.-led coalition has spent years trying to build, will be able to fight insurgents and militants without American and NATO fighting alongside. Worse-case scenarios that some fear:

The Afghan forces could splinter along ethnic line and prompt civil war, the nation could plunge into a deep recession, or the Kabul government — plagued with corruption and still fragile despite efforts to establish its authority — would remain too weak to hold off a Taliban takeover. Just a 45-minute drive south of Kabul, residents of Wardak province directly feel the tenuousness. The province is a battleground for Afghan and coalition forces trying to squash hotbeds of the Taliban. Residents quickly warn visitors that it’s dangerous just to go past a checkpoint less a kilometer (half-mile) outside the provincial capital, Maidan Shahr.

In Afghanistan, Businesses Plan Their Own Exits: America may be struggling to come up with a viable exit plan for Afghanistan, but Abdul Wasay Manani is sure of his. This month, Mr. Manani, 38, flew to India for 14 days to scout out a new business, and a new home, ready to leave Afghanistan and everything he worked to build here, just in case things fall apart when most Americans and other foreign troops leave in 2014. “If the Taliban come like last time, ordering people around with whips, I can’t stay here,” he said. “I have to leave this country to keep my family safe.”

Many Afghans share his concern. In this environment, troubling indicators are not hard to find. More than 30,400 Afghans applied for asylum in industrialized nations in 2011, the highest level in 10 years and four times the number seeking asylum in 2005. The only Western bank operating here said on Wednesday that it would be leaving. Piles of cash equaling about a quarter of Afghanistan’s annual economic output were physically carried out of Afghanistan last year.

I just do not get it. If those people know how bad their life is going to be under the Taliban then why do they not fight to defeat them? *Vietnam all over again regardless of what they say. They are now offering the Taliban to join in the Government.

I really do not care what they do. Our soldiers did their job. We should get them out now with heads held high for a job well done. They have performed magnificently.The Taliban are going to take over again regardless and the people know it that is why everyone who can is making preparations to get out now.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

As I see it we're only supporting crooks anyway. Not that we're much better morally speaking. I'm sure all nations would like nothing better than to get the hell out, however there is a slight matter of about a trillion dollars worth of minerals in the country that people seemed to have forgotten about. You don't think they'll leave without some effort to grab those riches do you?

Ranch Chimp said...

Absolutely Jim, and actually I wrote back a few year's ago that I suspected this withdrawal shit to be horseshit, we are in there for money, period (for China and corporation's) while our mush- headed liberal thinking make's us think were there to save women and homosexual's from oppression, just to show you the stupidity of our neo- liberalism and how it contaminate's our decision making.

I was actually close to making a posting on this myself Jim, but my time limited me to, because I have so many other thing's lined up to write about, but limited time. And YES ... the President (Obama) has been refraining from being straight on this one too ... but what really nauseated me Jim, was the fact that he and our government are actually wanting to now sit down with "Taliban" and talk out a deal to get them into their position's in a new government ... I said ... "WHAT!!!" are ya'll f'n CRAZY!!! get a rope and hang some of these MF's would BE IN ORDER! Next they'll be inviting these piece's of shit into our country to join and run for political office, and some of these liberated American's would probably stupidly support it thinking it's all part of sharing or some other much- headed shit ... good posting guy, fer sure Jim ....