Thursday, July 18, 2013

"whose scream is it?" is Zimmerman's "If the glove don't fit you must aquit"

I have listened to all the misnomers coming from both sides from the beginning. Now that the case is over with the judgement wrongly again, this time  in favor of Zimmerman it is time to speak up. As with O.J. zimmerman has gotten away with murder at least for now.

With O.J. the important argument of murder was boiled down to a subject that did not even matter. It's importance was created by a paid liar "I mean Lawyer" that was a leather glove and any idiot knows that once soaked "in this case with blood" when it dries out it is going to shrink.

Besides that, if you give anyone a tight glove to see if it fits and the charge of murder is hanging over your head if it fits, you are going to juxtaposition your hand and or position your hands so it appears the glove does not fit. Fit or not was not even the issue. You can wear gloves that do not fit you in an emergency anyway.

Anyway the Zimmerman case has boiled down to an even worse created mess. The issue during the case came down to the worthless question of "whose scream was heard" Who the hell cares whose scream it was. The issue was the killing of Trayvon. Was it self defence or not? Was his shooting justified?

His shooting was justified regardless of whose scream it was because Zimmerman abused the stand your ground law "which because of the room for abuse scared me form day 1" The law is "stand your ground" not stalk. confront, get over your head and be forced to shoot and kill an innocent boy.

Now after the fact the issue of race discrimination has been wrongly brought up once again. The Al Sharpton's of the country who owe us apologies for creating the issue based on lies and misconceptions are out once again hyping the non-issue.

Zimmerman is not whit he is Hispanic "he is an other" Trayvon was also "an other" There was no discrimination here. Zimmerman merely had a gun and wanted to use his power and control. Zimmerman is guilty of murder any way you look at it but not guilty of hunting and shooting Trayvon only because he was black. End of discussion!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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