Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Egypt getting ready to blow as Morsi vows to fight

 Losing his voice: Morsi's spokesmen quit office: Two spokesmen for Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi have quit their posts, according to a foreign ministry official, as quoted by AP. The official said career diplomats Omar Amer and Ihab Fahmy have stepped down after almost five months in office.

The defections are the latest in a slew of high profile resignations among Morsi's staff, including six Cabinet ministers. Morsi is facing mass protests, unprecedented in scale, calling for his resignation. The Egyptian military on Monday evening gave the President 48 hours to resolve the crisis engulfing the country.

*International pressure mounts on Morsi: US President, Barack Obama, spoke to the Egyptian leader via phone. A White House statement said he "stressed that democracy is about more than elections; it is also about ensuring that the voices of all Egyptians are heard and represented by their government, including the many Egyptians demonstrating throughout the country".

The army on Monday said it would intervene if a solution to the crisis was not found within 48 hours. Tahrir Square in Cairo was full for the third day of anti-Morsi protests on Tuesday, while supporters of the president held their own rally in Nasr City.

 *Amr Moussa Considers Election Boycott: Leading opposition National Salvation Front figure, Amr Moussa, acknowledged that Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi was democratically elected, but confirmed that he is considering boycotting the forthcoming parliamentary elections, stressing that securing accomplishments on the ground is more important than democratic elections. 

The Congress party leader informed Asharq Al-Awsat that “we, in the opposition, have plans related to securing a better life for the [Egyptian] people, in terms of the economy, justice, healthcare, education, and society in general.” He confirmed that the Egyptian president will continue in power on the basis that he was democratically elected, but stressed that democratic elections are not everything. He said, “This [democratic elections] are important but the people are waiting for results” asserting “that is more important.”

Egypt should have been the one and out for a peaceful Democray but the fools chose Amr Moussa an Islamist as President and he will not relinquish control. An estimated 14 million are on the streets demanding his resignation. Also his cabinet has quit and the military gave him 48 hours to work things out with the other side. He of course has ignored this so with baited breath the world waits for what is next.

Meanwhile of course the US is again on the wrong side of what the citizens want: 

James Joiner
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