Saturday, March 16, 2013

U.S. Training Syrian Rebels In Jordan as Syrian proxy war progresses

From the beginning of the chaos in Syria we have been saying that Iran more specifically the IRG (Iran Revolutionary Guard) was in Syria helping if not leading the way in trying to quell the uprising along with Hezbollah.
You know Assad's only other regional friend Iran is dictating that this slaughter is a necessity though Syria knows how to brutalize its people all to well. Iran will not allow a Democracy at her doorstep further isolating her.
'Iran building militias in Syria in case Assad falls': The Post quoted a senior Obama administration official as saying that Iran was backing as many as 50,000 militiamen. “The immediate intention seems to be to support the Syrian regime. But it’s important for Iran to have a force in Syria that is reliable and can be counted on,” the official stated.
Now that we know how involved Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are in the slaughtering that is going on around the country that is beginning to look like the beginning of their fight not nearing the end.You have to be very concerned about what is happening in Syria especially. 
Russia, China, and Iran are not going to allow Syria to fall to Democracy. What we saw after the voter fraud in Iran was mild compared to what the IRG will do if this movement spreads to Iran. I really wish Bashar would step down but Iran is the elephant in the room any way you look at it. The total middle east breakdown we have written about numerous times is well under way. We can only hope we keep it from erupting into WW3.

By attacking and defeating Iraq we freed Iran up to pursue her version of new middle East order by interfering wherever she could while Bush was doing the same thing with his Middle East Democratization program. I think you can see how successful Bush and Cheney were with chaos creating Middle East Democracy program but you are barely seeing the results they created in Iran.

The goal absolutely is to be the country who decides which direction the new Middle East (dis)order will take. Bush started it by attacking Iraq to get into the middle east to destabilize it and start the new middle east order the idiot said God told him to do now it will be up to Iran and Saudi Arabia at least up front fight it out whether this goes the Iranian Shiite way or the Saudi Arabian Sunni way and do not forget Israel!

*The total middle east breakdown Sunni against Shiite is well under way. Iraq can't afford to help Iran as Iraq is busy blowing itself. I have changed my thought on this and think this developing middle east sectarian war could be a good thing if the United States, Russia, and China can remain on the side lines.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

I was watching some documentary report a couple dayz ago on cable tele about Syria ... and it kind of suprised me how time flew by that it's been in civil war this long and especially that the U.S. hasnt got into the thick of it yet ... but they were documenting all the arm's that come in there from Russia and related.

Anywayz ... Happy St. Patricks Day Jim ... today is the annual parade here in Dallas for such on the Greenville Ave nightclub strip, which I am on my way to in a bit ... I just like seeing all the sexy gal's, and with a high of 80 degree's today ... and them short- short's will be really SHORT! {: ) and of course drinking a green beer or two ... ya'll have a good un Jim

Demeur said...

That's simple RC if the U.S. goes in this would become a circular firing squad. You have in the mix everyday Syrians, muslim extremists, Iranian fighters and Russians. I don't think you'd care to step into that bar fight lol.