Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Syrian rebels seize Golan Heights base, gaining ground on Israel?

Destroying Israel as you know is the goal of Iran, Hezbollah, and all the Islamists not just those now in Golan Heights but those throughout the middle east. Put this all together and you will realize it is all headed towards Israel and coming to a head.

*Israeli military responds to fire from Syria in Golan Heights

 *The frontier, quiet since Israel and Syria agreed on a US-brokered ceasefire in 1974, has turned volatile in recent weeks, after opposition brigades stepped up attacks against army and intelligence compounds dotting the agricultural plain stretching from the border with Jordan to the Damascus outskirts. 

*Syrian rebels said to be gaining ground near Israel: Israel has long been on high – yet quiet – alert on its border with Syria, as the IDF observes the battles taking place. Contingencies the IDF is prepared to deal with include a permanent withdrawal of the UN peacekeeping force stationed in the Syria- Israel buffer zone; the peacekeepers have already ceased their patrols.Other scenarios include coming face-to-face with radical jihadi elements across the frontier. Groups such as Jabhat al-Nusra (“The Salvation Front”), a rebel organization set up by al-Qaida in Iraq, are among the rebels gaining ground.

Iran and the Taliban are historic enemies but remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Iran once wanted to help us against their enemy the Taliban: look what we have done! Iran instead is paying their enemy the Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops, they train the Taliban to ambush allied forces and on improvised explosive devices. What the hell is wrong with us? Now they are uniting until we are out of the area then they will turn back on each other? Or try to destroy Israel first.

Report: Iran Paying Taliban to Kill U.S. Troops

None of this is breaking news, in fact some is ancient. At least five Iranian companies in Afghanistan's capital are using their offices covertly to finance Taliban militants in provinces near Kabul, according to an investigation by London's Sunday Times. All sides of this problem are Bush's fault to. He ignored Afghanistan so he could play in the middle east and ha attacked Iraq to free Iran up to instigate against us in Afghanistan, the entire middle east, and around the world.

Iran trains Taliban to ambush allied forces in camps along the border between Afghanistan and Iran, Taliban recruits are being taught how to ambush allied forces using guns and improvised explosive devices.

I don't have to tell you: The Taliban do not want a Democracy period. They want strict Sharia law! They are arguably defeating us in Afghanistan despite claims that we have them on a downward spiral. I find that hard to believe. Afghanistan is their country not ours. They are not going to cut and run. You know how they have all felt since day one, they want us off Muslim land and these are some of the hard core.

Most realize by now that Obama planned on reaching out to Iran To help in Afghanistan! At first glance that sounds ridiculous. I had no idea back in 1998 Iran was prepared to attack Afghanistan or that since they have been supplying weapons to Northern Afghanistan to fight the Taliban! check out the numerous common interests including survival as Iran is ultimately on the Taliban menu too.
At first  I forgot but Iran's hostility toward the Taliban predates Sept. 11: the Taliban's interpretation of Islam holds that the Shiite Muslims who dominate Iran are heretics, and an Iranian diplomat is among those being held by militants. Iranians are also concerned about the boom in opium poppy cultivation that has swept Afghanistan in the aftermath of the U.S. invasion."

I will sum up just one story that ties them all together and that is "The Taliban get their first wish"Many Muslims believe that ancient Khorasan - which covers parts of modern-day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - is the promised land from where they will secure the first victory in the end-of-time battle in which the final round, according to their beliefs, will be fought in Bilad-i-Sham (Palestine-Lebanon-Syria).

I continue to say we played into their hands, we are right where they want us, and the entire world better frigging wake up because like it or not 9/11 was albeit a bad joke but just a joke as to what the future holds for us! This is no joke to so called Islamists including the Taliban! All they have to do is wait us out and they will have Afghanistan back.

I had no idea when I first mentioned that Pakistan and Afghanistan was the front line in this war against "Islamists" how right I was! finding this out just blew me away! I found out that many Muslim's believe that what is modern day Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Iran, is the promised land from where they will secure victory in the end of days battle which ultimately will be fought in Palestine, Lebanon, and Syria.

Knowing this now makes sense of all the events we have been discussing with Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and to my surprise Iran. I had no idea Iran and the Taliban are enemies. This is a relationship we better exploit and instead of using Iran a natural enemy against the enemy once again we have united a common enemy against us first then they will turn on each other.

I have been long convinced Bush guaranteed a loss in Afghanistan and everywhere else when he insisted on attacking Iraq so he could help Israel create a new middle east order. I am afraid this is just taking shape and both sides, the Taliban, Iran, Hezbollah, the Islamists in Golan Heights and throughout the middle east and our so called allies are still just forming the front lines and gathering forces.
 Both sides are still just beginning to build and This is still just beginning! Afghanistan has never been defeated but that is not even my biggest concern. We have for generations been angering Muslims and certainly in the last 12 years done everything possible to ensure an endless supply of martyrs wanting to give their life to kill infidels and destroy Israel for Allah!

Obama is being majorly tested! * In closing, Rove and Cheney are concerned about continuing the lie we lived under them and Bush and rewriting their dire History and preserving Bush's legacy of destruction as a great thing. 
Bush the servant of God, purveyor of war torture and destruction, doing it all for God in the name of peace. Sick! I do not see the necessary rosy scenario happening that would lead to a successful outcome for us or Israel. the ultimate target is Israel and I see all countries mentioned joining forces to destroy Israel.
Funny when you realize Bush's original goal was to get into the middle east to fix it as God told him and to help Israel build a safety zone. What a nightmare we have created for the middle east and hopefully not for us and the rest of the world too.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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