Friday, March 08, 2013

Chad Says Forces Killed Al Qaeda #2, top Al-Qaida Commander in Mali:

deployed in northern Mali also claim to have killed Moktar Belmoktar, the mastermind behind the mid-January attack on a natural gas plant in Algeria that left 36 foreigners dead, Chad's military chief said late Saturday. If that is true Al Qaeda in Africa has been decapitated.

Abou Zeid alone was a great kill for our side It took him many years of fighting to gain that killer experience. He will be replaced if not already but he was Al Qaeda's number 2 in Africa and he will not be replaced easily.65 terrorists hiding in those unknown mountains were killed. They will be replaced but with persistence we will persevere.

I know our so called leaders are fond of saying we will fight the extremists wherever they are that means the world is the front in the so called war on terror. We are not winning this so called war on terror it has not even really begun.

Our so called leaders and war mongering Republicans are fond of saying that we did nothing to deserve the attack on 9/11 but on the contrary we did everything to deserve it. This has been a long time coming. 1400 years of dissension has come to a head and it will not be quelled easily as you see.

There is an easy answer to this and that is too fight and continue to fight, there is no easy way out though. We have no other choice as this will not be quelled by diplomacy. We must see this through to the end. Years ago I said like it or not, this will turn into a war against Islam. We will be forced to isolate them in their own lands for our own safety. 

It is an unpopular thought but we will not have a choice. Once on their own they will turn on themselves as they already are because they cannot tolerate any version of Islam other than their own.

Syria is erupting and Iraqi's are killing each other as we know and it will engulf the entire middle east Bush knew this would happen and ignored all good advice and intelligence to the contrary, as he had to in order to stay the course and prosecute his idea of new order.

 Reagan is credited with ending the cold war but he set in motion many of the problems of today. 

Bush finished the job by belittling every country in the word and attacking Iraq unsettling the middle east. Obama is doing his damnedest to make things right but he is not getting cooperation and I do not think he will have the time.

Anyway by virtue of Bush's superiority complex and destabilization of the already unstable middle east which we also contributed to by injecting Israel into the mix and again resetting boundaries as we saw fit, again ignoring traditional boundaries and dislikes.

Bush liked to say we must defeat the so called insurgents in Iraq or they will follow us home. Now we are hearing from Al Qaeda in Pakistan and elsewhere that they are coming soon.They will follow us home period.

I would like to see this resolved with Diplomacy but no way. We have messed over Islam all around the world now they want retribution all around the world. They want to turn the clock back but that is impossible. You can not turn time back. 

We have hit the stage in man and the planets life cycle called the mature stage where we must be taking care of them but we are not. Life's cycle, The final stages! This is the much talked about moment of our time.

A nation, a people, must either accept your position be happy with what you have today or you see the alternative. What a hell of a future is all I can say!

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma

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Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim (4am Dallas) ... You know guy ... I NEVER did think that we will win a "war" agaist terrorism of this sort. Only reason why (I dont have the military strategic thinking though such as yourself) is because they seem to be a network and not just in a specific territory, being if you have a war against a country for instance, you have the geographical boundaries or whatever, this is a network of likeminded folk's, a movement, a spirit, etc in many different area's of the globe ... to me ... that is difficult to have a "war" with ... a target alwayz mobile or whatever if you will.

Be curious to see how these court hearing come out in New York, being not military.

Spring is almost here, so it will be a rainy weekend all weekend long eher on the ranch Jim.