Monday, February 18, 2013

'Senior IRG Commander killed coordinating with Hezbollah in case Assad falls':

  Iranian general reportedly assassinated while traveling from Syria: A high-ranking member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps was assassinated this week while traveling from Syria to neighboring Lebanon, Iranian media reported Thursday, in the strongest indication to date that senior Iranian military commanders have been dispatched to Syria.
This willl now ratchet up and makes me now wonder about the timing of all our soldiers coming home. Iran has already stated that an attack against Syria is an attack on Iran so we have to wait and see how those involved will get this total middle east breakdown to the next level.
As a whole the so called civilized Nations of the world are bound and determined to start another world war they all mistakenly think they will win. Russia China, Iran, they are all responsible for creating this civil war. 
From the beginning of the chaos in Syria we have been saying that Iran more specifically the IRG (Iran Revolutionary Guard) was in Syria helping if not leading the way in trying to quell the uprising along with Hezbollah. You know Bashar's only friend Iran is dictating that this slaughter is a necessity though Syria knows how to brutalize its people all to well. Iran will not allow a Democracy at her doorstep further isolating her. 

'Iran building militias in Syria in case Assad falls': The Post quoted a senior Obama administration official as saying that Iran was backing as many as 50,000 militiamen. “The immediate intention seems to be to support the Syrian regime. But it’s important for Iran to have a force in Syria that is reliable and can be counted on,” the official stated. 
Now that we know how involved Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are in the slaughtering that is going on around the country that is beginning to look like the beginning of their fight not nearing the end.You have to be very concerned about what is happening in Syria especially.

Russia, China, and Iran are not going to allow Syria to fall to Democracy. What we saw after the voter fraud in Iran was mild compared to what the IRG will do if this movement spreads to Iran. I really wish Bashar would step down but Iran is the elephant in the room any way you look at it. The total middle east breakdown we have written about numerous times is well under way. We can only hope we keep it from erupting into WW3.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim! ... unfortunately the meteor that went into Russia last week IMO only was a tad too small and too far to the east ... it should have been bigger and hit another region, I wont mention any region's here though out of respect to your blog/ reader's {: ) ... far as I'm concerned, they can all kill each other in some region's and it would clean up an earth degraded for too long by our species.

Other than that guy ... YES ... I lost big time, I took the Patriots to win the SuperBowl and found plenty of money that wanted to challenge me ... I also lost the 2 week's prior to that on the NFC/ AFC Championship game's, so I lost again. But a couple week's ago I was at WinStar Casino about an hour north of my home on the Oklahoma border and won a few hundred on a slot machine quickly ... and walked away that day with nearly $400 in my pocket I didnt go there with total ... you win some and lose some brother. Hope to see it clearing up some for ya'll as far as the snow that ya'll got pounded with ... spring is on the way brother!

Later Jim ....

an average patriot said...

I knew we were going to lose the Bowl because the other gus were mad men and wanted it more so it was no big deal when they lost.

You know, I have always been a 4 seasons guy but I am ready for Florida. Thing is Trice will not leave period but I subtly work on her every day.

I don't mind shoveling snow and in fact 2 feet is cool but we have the fall from hell right here.

When we bought the house the people said good luck with the leaves. Unfucking believable.

Raking up your own leaves is still fun but raking up all your neighbors is a nightmare and I want out.

I put up a little plastic fence for the fall and it worked the balls. Now my next door neighbor is going to put one up because they blew into her yard instead. Even with the fence I had 67 bags.