Friday, January 25, 2013

Newtown should mark the end of NRA's reign of terror


 In Wake of Newtown, It's Time for America to Meet the NRA: Smyth discovered that the NRA nominating committee that plays a key role in deciding who is on the NRA's board is run by Newtown resident Patricia Clark, and also includes George K. Kollitides II, the chief executive of the company that made the AR-15 used in the shooting. Then there is board member and .50-caliber sniper rifle manufacturer Ronnie G. Barrett, who provides further evidence that the NRA's leadership is committed to pushing unrestricted civilian access to weapons that belong on the battlefield.

Guys like Kollitides and Barrett split the money with the NRA and America gets homicidal killers armed to inflict maximum damage. Beyond its financial links to makers of military-style weapons, the NRA's leadership is made up of the worst types of extremists that America's conservative movement has to offer.

 Biden tells mayors: 'We have to act' on gun control :Biden spoke a day after President Obama unveiled the most sweeping gun control plan in decades, including proposals for a renewed assault weapons ban, universal background checks on all gun buyers and restrictions on the capacities of ammunition magazines.

Obama also signed 23 executive orders on Wednesday, including directives for more sharing of federal data for background checks, improving data bases, and government research into the causes of gun violence. His plan also addresses improved school safety and mental health services.

After watching Lapierre fear monger and working feverishly to work into a frenzy the millions of NRA followers most of which are being fooled and mindlessly controlled I realized he is working to create a 2nd revolution with the NRA making all the profits and being at the forefront. 
Don't people see they are being played for fools for profit at the entire countries expense? Did you know that for every gun or box of ammunition sold one dollar is donated to the NRA? First I must admit that I have been a member of the NRA for over forty years but have never plated their game.
The NRA is not there to protect the rights of the gun owner or the person who wants a gun. They are there to protect the NRA and gun manufacturers. Pople are being played for fools, it is a scam like everything seems to be today in this we are living that we call lie today. 
The NRA is here to make money period. They have done a hell of a jof over the past month making people "falsely" believe Obama wanted to excerpt their America, end the 2nd amendment, and steal their guns. I am afraid millions of the fools believe this!
The NRA does not want their cash cow to dry up, therefore every chance they get they gin up the fears of their advocates saying Obama wants to take your weapons. HE DOES NOT! It is for most of them because he is black. Meet all the NRA Leaders Many of them work at or own the companies that make the assault rifles and are screaming war with Liberals!
The NRA screams that Obama wants to kill the 2nd amendment so people will run out and buy the biggest, baddest, most powerful, expensive weapons they can find. It is all about profit! The NRA has served their purpose They have made a hell of a lot on money.
However this lobby arguably the most powerful in our sorry Government Is making a hell of a mess out of this mess we already have. I do not like what I see in our future. 
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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