Friday, January 04, 2013

Life Today The Real Story; Afterword

Those of us who have read this know what we have to do now. The direct repercussions of our actions or inactions at this point are blatantly clear.

 It is up to us to attempt to get our leaders to understand the tremendous negative impact their immorality is having on us.

 We must get them to realize the impact their constant and continuous misreading and ignorance of the situations arising around the world.
We have in many cases become our own worse enemies. We are losing our collective morality. The lying stealing and killing as we are all living and experiencing first hand has to stop.

 We all know how detrimental all this is to every one of us. Wow, just imagine how much money we would save simply by everyone practicing what they preach. Live the Constitution the way it was intended.

 Look at the cost to our country, someone quantify it. We could eliminate the national debt in no time if people will only pull 100% together. Do the right thing, for the country for society not you.

This is ruining us personally, financially, government-ally and above all, it is psychologically damaging to all of us.

 We want to change moral directions. We must get back to as a rule, taking the rest of society into consideration. Let’s do the right thing. Let’s make President Reagan and Thomas Jefferson proud.

Often times we are saying and showing that society doesn’t matter anymore. This is so wrong and it is exactly what Thomas Jefferson and others at the time feared.

 It is a direct result of what he feared most. He feared we would stop using our common sense and do the right thing. He feared that we would start using reason or lack there of in order to make decisions.

 We are saying society doesn’t come first ahead of our own selfish interests. It has too. Society is the very foundation of our Nation.

 As a whole we must remember this. No society no nation. Weak society weak nation, we know what works and we know what worked. It is time for us to regroup and get back to what we know works.

Whatever happened to the principal of doing the right thing just for the sake of doing the right thing?

 What happened to Thomas Jefferson’s idea of America, with the knowledge that anyone who became a member of a society would automatically do the right thing for that society? That they would automatically have, receive, or use, common sense? .Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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