Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Lifes Realities and Nostradamus, installment 4

As we discussed in the past, we are having conflicts virtually all over the world. Exclusively over God and who he favors. We can’t even prove who he is, if he is, or if he ever was.

There are as you know many, many things that have happened in the past that we still do not have the answer to. The absolute worse thing about this is that today we do have the ability to answer many unanswered questions.

 As of yet we aren’t doing it. We are preparing once again, to battle over God. No one even knows if he exists or ever did. We have the ability to answer many questions long left unanswered.

 Now is the time to do this. Man it would really take the wind out of their sales if it was proven that God was from another planet? I would honest to God fully expect that.

 I think that would be just fine. At least we would know. What did you expect anyways? However you never know the truth sometimes hurts some people.

Our problems in society are cumulative from years of abuse and misuse of our Democratic system. We have failed to address properly and distinctly every single problem we have ever attempted to deal with from where I stand.

 We have wrongly attempted to please or appease those with selfish ulterior motives. At the same time we are ignoring those with real needs.

As a result, you can look back just 50 years and you cannot find one single system that is critical to our societal infrastructure today and say, yes we are better off by far than we were 50 years ago.

 There is most definitely a problem here. What happened to “ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country”?

 Our political leaders too can be well served by remembering President Kennedy and what he did for the country a little more than just once a year. Then they invoke his name just in hopes of gaining votes. We are not helping the citizens we are helping our selves.

Some one has to come forward that is going to do the right thing. Regardless of their personal feelings and I believe he is.President Obama at least seems to want to help average Americans and do the right thing for our America not the version Bush was fostering and therein lies the problem with Republicans.

We always seem to have good intentions but almost always the wrong answer. I am afraid we have lost control of the country and worse, the future of the world.

I did not understand the sudden desire by the Republicans to all of a sudden start amending the Constitution when ever a perceived crisis arose and I do not understand their desire to destroy America and destroy our standing in the world while they lie and say that is their big concern..

We have to regain control of ourselves as a country. Why don’t we just fix the problem? That is the only thing to do, the right thing. Let’s get to work. Hopefully President Obama will persevere in his 2nd term now that Republicans feel the pressure to do the right thing.

What has happened to the men and women of principal? If you have to work at implementing ideals then they are not yours to espouse. If you have to try and emulate some one you admire you will always come up short.

Both President Bush’s have tried to emulate the President they admired and respected. President Bush #1 fell way short and president Bush #2 was way off. Getting elected as President of the United States is important.

 However not at the expense of your integrity which was the case in the last two elections. If you are principled and want nothing more than to help the country you should be okay. Then the every day American the people will sense that.Life Today The Real Story "2005"

Prime example of “having the right original stuff” President Obama!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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James Hillis Ford said...

These political figures in Congress remind me of a bunch of black patented leather shoe stamping...Nellie Olsons!

Share the wealth... Its time. its our turn now.

All this cash and wealth stealing and hoarding wont buy you a ticket to your extremist Evangelical Heaven...

Your Christians... (or you screech and holler about being motivated by your Christian Faith ie a la Bachmann) Did Christ cash in on his kindness and miracles? NO.

So why should you keep the hoarding people protected while I foot the bill?

If anything...The GOPs display of their Christian Values calls to mind a SNL parody from the Belushi Days.
James Hillis Ford