Thursday, January 03, 2013

Lifes Realities and Nostradamus conclusion: Installment 5

In conclusion:What has happened to the men and women of principal? If we ever needed them we need them now. If you have to work at implementing ideals then they are not yours to espouse.

if you have to try and emulate some one you admire you will always come up short.

Both President Bush’s have tried to emulate the President they admired and respected. President Bush 1 fell way short and president Bush 2 was way off.

Getting elected as President of the United States is important. However not at the expense of your integrity which was the case in the last two Presidents.

 If you are principled and want nothing more than to help the country you should be okay. Then the every day American the people will sense that.

The idea is not what we flagrantly get thrown in our faces daily. That is not the sitting Presidents position to take advantage of and help his friends as is usually the case. The idea is not to see what the country can do for your friends.

 There is nothing worse than cronyism at a level like that of the U.S. Government. If you do the right thing for the party you’re in even if it is wrong for the people and the country. If you do not you are gone. It’s as simple as that. Family and friends are not to be treated any differently.

 With a principled person they are not. You have a job to do for the country. That should be all that matters period.

We never see the right thing done. However, once a year we hear the right thing being said then nothing. If you have to lie or stretch the truth, it’s no good. If you have to compromise your standards then the votes you would acquire are worthless and not worth it.

 The goal lately has been to say or do what ever you have to in order to get elected. We all know that neither party can say other wise. Getting you party elected for all the wrong reasons is not important people are. At least they are supposed to be.

Talking on this subject invokes memories of a man I didn’t always agree with but you could always agree with his intentions and principals.

 When you take a position, (job) the driving thought seems to be of how you can further your own selfish agenda. It is supposed to be of how you can further the cause of the working people and further the cause of the Country. Boy do we have this all wrong.

The feeling seems to be increasingly of what I can get out of this. We must stop this downward slide that both parties have us on.

 Sadly enough they seem to have the rest of the ruling economy for company. In the 60s and 70s I was disgruntled with our government systems on every level.

 Looking back it seems like it would be nice to have only that level of corruptive ineptitude instead of what we are getting today. What I have finally woken up to is that if you care or have concerns you must get into action.

 No one else is going to take care of your concerns. We can’t even seem to get our servants on any level to do the right thing.

 We all know this adage and it is absolutely right on. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself. So let us do it.

 I wish all of us the best of luck as we move into the future.

Nostradamus gave us two roads to travel in the future, one to peace and prosperity and the other to war, famine, and death and total destruction. Sadly we seem bent on taking the latter but we can do it if we take control ourselves. Lets Roll, Adios and Good Luck to us.Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Interesting that they were discussing that on progressive TV last night. "What happened to the republican party?" It was that Rove and Norquist discovered that they could gain power with the use of corporate money which they have. Their problem now is that the American public isn't buying it anymore (their extremism). And people are slowly realizing that there are actual consequences when the far right wants to eliminate all government, like when it starts to effect them directly.

an average patriot said...

Demeur believe it or not this is all part of a book I wrote in 2005. That shows nothing has changed and we just aren't learning.

Something has to be done with the Republican party. They have gone awry, it should have to reaffirm it's alliance and start doing the right thing for the United State not their new Republican party.