Saturday, November 03, 2012

Analysis: Sudan strikes by Israel a blow to Iran and Hamas.



Analysis: Sudan strike - A blow to Iran. Amid the latest escalation between Hamas and Israel this week, a covert strike that is far more strategically significant may have occurred. Israel has remained officially silent over Sudanese accusations that Jerusalem carried out an air strike on a weapons factory near Khartoum, but tellingly, Jerusalem has not taken the trouble to deny the allegations either.
 Sudan: a front for Israel's proxy war on Sinai jihadis? If Israel bombed a Sudanese munitions factory, as Khartoum alleges, the raid was part of its widening proxy war against Islamist militants in neighbouring Egypt which the Jewish state is reluctant to confront directly.
A huge explosion ripped through the factory near the Sudanese capital Khartoum on Tuesday, killing two people, with Sudan swiftly accusing Israel of sending four military planes to take out the complex. The poor Muslim east African state, with its ties to Iran and Sunni jihadis, has long been seen by Israel as a conduit for weapons smuggled onward to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, via the Egyptian Sinai desert.


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