Saturday, November 17, 2012

Israeli Palestinian war continues with major Israeli offense, Live updates:

Around 10 people were reported dead, including three children, and some 40 were wounded by the attacks. The offensive shattered hopes of a truce brokered by Egypt following five days of violence which saw over 100 missiles fired by Palestinian militants and retaliations by Israel.

  Israel had agreed to cease strikes on targets in Gaza during Hesham Kandil's visit, but rocket fire continues; in public appearance with Haniyeh, Kandil denounces Israeli strikes, says Egypt will work for ceasefire.

* Hamas must stop launching missiles as it will only continue to antagonize Israel. This is what Hamas wants, hoping that Egypt and others will get involved on their side. We can not allow this to escalate if we have any say and we do. I know we have been saying the total middle east breakdown is coming for years but we must try to stop it if we can. I beliwve world leaders can prevent this but there seems to be no desire to. We must contain this and prevent the breakdown of the middle east from turning into world war three.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

This is all just a political ploy for Netanyahu. Even his generals think he's nuts (as in too hawkish). And to it's defense Palestine did nothing to provoke the current bombings. Israel may have our support with politicians here but people are taking a dim view of Israel's bully tactics.