Monday, August 23, 2010

Democrats to use Social Security against GOP this fall, our future depends on it!

Gambling With Social Security On Wall Street A Bad Idea

With Obama address, Democrats revive specter of GOP threat to Social Security The proposition is scary and the threat against social security more than real. Bush's entire Presidency was marked not only with war but by ending FDR's legacy. Remember his drive to reduce unfunded liabilities i.e. social security, Medicaid, and Medicare? Can you imagine the crisis if he was allowed to let social security be privatized as Republicans want to? When the full scope of this financial collapse is realized average Americans would be screwed and there would be a Revolution.

I always said Bush or those behind him learned their lessons well and anything they touched would be much worse than a like event in History. During the Depression when Roosevelt was trying to rebuild America we knew it happened on the Republican's watch and who to blame. They also knew and wanted to help fix it not make it worse as Republicans are doing today.

Anyway think back and you will see that everything was done on purpose and especially the timing was no coincidence. Bush and Greenspan kept the collapse off until he was out of office. People say get over it! Move on! However we will never get over it or be able to forget Bush as much as we want as his damage will affect our and the worlds lives forever. No I am not giving that bunch too much credit.

They shaped our future and the future of the whole world like it or not! Get over it, not hardly! The debt clock had to be started during Reagan's time because of his success but could only register 9 trillion. Because of Bush's so called success it had to be altered to register 10 trillion. Now the debt is moving so fast it is going virile. How far off can bankruptcy be especially knowing how bad it really is? To top it off there is a drive since Bush to reduce unfunded liabilities, the needy!

The "Unfunded Liabilities" Ruse:
Under Bush the mainstream media had been parroting claims that the federal government, particularly the Social Security and Medicare programs, have dozens of trillions of dollars in "unfunded liabilities." For example, USA Today ran a long feature in early October 2004 that proclaimed that "the long-term economic health of the United States is threatened by $53 trillion in government debts and liabilities that start to come due in four years." Many other articles, news reports, and commentary have included comparable numbers that make the fiscal future look not just frightening but entirely unmanageable. Just put Bush's trillions in there and have a real hemorrhage.

These claims appear aimed at scaring us into making radical changes in our social insurance system for old people. But whatever the motivation, how scared should we be? What is true and what is phony about the alarms that fiscal disaster is looming just ahead? Unfunded Liabilities Ruse

It is a frightening thought, discontinuing social security or even cutting social security, Medicaid, and Medicare. It is all millions have. I remember Romney when stumping for McCain saying it should be discontinued and the countries big enemy was the Democrats and their effort to take care of the elderly and the needy. Bush spent years cutting "unfunded liabilities" and trying to wipe out President Roosevelt's legacy. If the Republican's get back in they will do just that.Social Security turns 75, but will it see 75 more? Not if the Republicans have anything to say about it!

All Democrats and all independents better make sure they come out in 2012 to get President Obama reelected, our future depends on it. If Republicans get back it the White House they are going to finish off average Americans and Bush's mis-agenda of destruction.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


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One Fly said...

Well Jim I expect that we can't expect the dims to fight for this. They could start and should have started with a message calling bull shit on the repugs but they did not and are not doing so now. Every damn one of them and the ones that don't need to be called out for being a repug in disguise and thrown out on theit fat asses.

This is a no-brainer. Even an idiot can understand the dynamics behind this.

an average patriot said...

They better Tom because the Republicans want to kill FDR"s entire legacy and get rid of it. People must be made aware of that and come out in force to get Obama reelected like him or not.

Demeur said...

So by their thinking (or lack there of) the next time the stock market tanks grandma gets thrown our on her ear. Even the former head of SS said this was a stupid idea.
I know let's all take our SS , buy some crack and give it to a crack head. It'd be about the same result.

an average patriot said...

Demeur it blows me away they don't care. They all have family and friends, elderly and sickly. It is sick! I remember when Romney was stumping for McCain saying we were the countries biggest enemy because we wanted to help everyone. To cut unfunded liabilities social security that bast6ion of socialist America will be gone. They want to destroy FDR's legacy!

Dave Dubya said...

I wish I could trust Obama with our Social Security. Obama created a "bipartisan", although with dems like Kent Conrad and Max Baucus this is almost totally right wing, National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform, AKA Catfood Commission to gut social programs.

There's a petition against that agenda at AlterNet:

Monroe Anderson said...

Jim: Bush couldn't privatize SS when he was in office with a Republican majority House and Senate. Why are we supposed to be very afraid now with a Democrat in the White House and with Democrats controlling both houses?

an average patriot said...

Dave I don't think any of them can be trusted with it. That commission that was set up to look at deficit reduction says it is on the table and There is already a freeze and I am hearing talks of cuts. Man I don't know.

an average patriot said...

Hey Monroe how the hell you doing! Everyone is getting desperate now but I would only be worried about them if they get the WH again.

My concerns you probably saw addressed to Dave. As far as both house, I think we'll keep them in the fall but we will see. People better come out because we have to keep those fascist Republicans at bay. Nice to see you by the way Sir!