Saturday, December 03, 2005

Flash! America in I.C.U and only we can get her out

We know President Bush is Inept.
We know V. P. Cheney is Corruptive.
Sctry of State Rumsfeld is Unorthodox.
Sadly our fate is in their hands. We are in I.C.U. and sadly they are in charge of it.
Listening to the presidents plan and the political response to it, you realize none of them have a clue as to reality olny their own selfish interests.
After listening to the presidents ridiculous rosy financial picture, living reality and hearing the bleak picture painted by retiring Greenspan who can now be honest and his warnings are not good for America. You have to conclude that we are in serious trouble and no one in power seems to care or do anything about it. This is Bush's I.C.U. and as you know, no matter how good the care is only you can get yourself out. It is up to us, we the people to get us out of Bush's ICU.
James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Anonymous said...

You're right! They are trying to cover up the war disaster with a so called better economy and more jobs agenda. By the way how many of the "new" jobs are full time, year round and with benefits? Also think about this, the good economy stuff came out right around the same time we heard that 10 MORE Marines were killed. It's almost like they are trying to change our focus. Gee, why would that be? Elections making some people nervous? I know that the voters here in Mass will do their job I just wonder about the rest of the states. If we don't, we might as well pull the plug.