Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Life Today The Real Story; Final word

                                   Life today the Real Story written by James m. Joiner 2005
                                             Awesome insight,  Never  published, be the one!

We must attempt to work out  what is happening in the middle east, in the China seas, and around the world at the same time we must cure our own numerous societal ills or we will not progress successfully through the 21st century. 

It is going to take a new way of thinking on our and the entire worlds part. We can not continue to treat or deal with problems and issues as we have in the past.

Civilization and the planet have run the course of world war already. We and the planet cannot survive a rebirth of feelings that led us down that path in the first place as we seem to be in many parts of the world right now. 
We must attempt to make all parties involved realize that at this point in the life of man and the planet we have been there done that. We must be satisfied as to where we are and negotiate for what we want. 
We must not be stupid enough to even think we and the planet can survive a world war with the destructive weapons of today.

Our weapons are now too advanced for us to go back to that way of thinking. We must be made to accept our positions. Respect each others independence and move forward, we can do this.

We have some quick choices to make. We are allowing too much nonconformity right here in our own society.

 We can see the terrible effect it is having on our well being, mentally, physically, financially and structurally. If speaking the truth or doing the right thing is going to hurt one party or the other that’s fine. We must relearn as a country the principal of doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.
You can see all that we have before us. We know that we need some fresh minds to deal with the problems.

We as citizens must get involved in one respect or the other. We must help to resolve all these festering wounds in our society and the world.
The Governments of the world must be smart enough to listen to the citizens of the world or we are in serious trouble. 
The old school has proven that their methods continually make things worse, they seem to only want division at home and war to get what they want. 
This is true and we must remember that their mindset is what put us in this position in the first place. We can and must do this.
 We have to wake up our leaders. We must help where we can. Our children’s future and maybe that of the world depend on us, let’s roll. Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Vicki said...

The subject of your posting is nearly insurmountable. Yes, I will continue to be an optimist, however, better minds than mine have tried to influence men's hearts and country's ideologies and catastrophic trajectories. We've had a number of influential prophets offering solutions along the way that continue to affect us (positively and negatively). And although we as a species are seemingly evolving, still civilizations seem to spiral out of control. Not sure what you mean by: "We are allowing too much nonconformity right here in our own society." Perhaps you'd like to say more about that. We have had some totalitarian societies who have sought to exert "conformity" and that sometimes works in the short term but at great cost to individuality and personal freedom...but perhaps you want to explain more as I'm not sure what you are talking acceptance of certain values and laws? I think we are at one of those periods of human history where "the center cannot hold" as this opinion piece in the NY Times argues:
and great disruption of our society and its institutions are inevitable to the point of greater government controls and/or revolution because of the lack of common purpose and ideals of our citizens. I only wish that "we could all get along."