Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Life Today The Real Story; Afterword part 3

We are our most important problem to fix before we march into the future primarily because when this war against the Islamist Jihadists is won if we do not get our own act together we will be no better off. 
We would still have a broken system here with the same personal problems at home. I know we are told that the war against the terrorists is the most important event that has ever faced us. I will guarantee you that once again they are wrong. 
Look at our massively broken society! The most important battle is cleaning up the collective improprieties right here at home for without fixing our own enormous problems we will have won nothing but a little time. 
Let us think first and remember Rome. This decadence has to stop. It has been the downfall of every single society in world history that has managed to escape destruction in war.

We know we cannot go on this way. We have all suffered daily as a result of someone’s immorality. These are extremely contentious times. This lying and underhandedness is ruining us Politically, Financially, and pervasively in every single aspect of our daily life.

We have hit the point in civilizations and the world’s evolution where man is now in direct control of the survival of man and the planet. That is a scary thought we are in serious trouble.
 I just can’t see man doing the right thing though I pray that we do. Man can’t even seem to manage himself. I have always said that if the survival of something is up to man it is in trouble. It is our very survival, God help us.

Nostradamus put our alternatives in stark contrast for us. He laid out two scenarios for us. He said that the 21st century would be marked by ethnic and religious conflicts erupting all over the world.
 We could let this turmoil rip the world apart or we could embrace a new feeling of religiousness and save ourselves. It does not matter what we want. We all know we want peace but it is out of our hands.
 It is the Muslims who we must get to understand the dire consequences of their actions and inactions and misactions.

Muslim law strongly forbids Muslims to declare war against a country where they are allowed to practice their religion freely. 
It strongly prohibits the killing of innocent civilians to say nothing of the killing and destruction of fellow Muslims and their lands.
 We know that as far as nature man and time are concerned that there is no turning back. Life’s systems work only in one direction, forward. We cannot allow anyone to attempt to take us back to a path we have already traveled down. 

With this in mind I heard on 11/30/04 “when I wrote this” that Muslims are determined to fight the Americans until doomsday if necessary. Their goal was restated. I have been voicing this for a couple of years prior.
Primarily to hopefully understand the real sensitivity needed to treat them and their lands with respect. I said this then and I repeat it again this time as the middle east is in turmoil and we are getting dragged in ever deeper. We just can’t seem to understand this. 
We certainly don’t seem to be able to give them what they want. This is due to our ignorance or lack of understanding I guess because in this instance Senator Kerry was right. We must attempt to work this out. It is going to take a new way of thinking on our part. We can not continue to treat or deal with them as we have in the past.

Civilization and the planet have run that course already. We and the planet cannot survive a rebirth of feelings that led us down that path in the first place. We must attempt to make all parties involved realize that at this point in the life of man and the planet we have been there done that. 
Our weapons are now too advanced for us to go back to that way of thinking. We must be made to accept our positions. Respect each others independence and move forward, we can do this.

We have some quick choices to make. We are allowing too much nonconformity right here in our own society.
 We can see the terrible effect it is having on our well being, mentally, physically, financially and structurally. If speaking the truth or doing the right thing is going to hurt one party or the other that’s fine. We must relearn as a country the principal of doing the right thing for the sake of doing the right thing.
Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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