Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Korean reunification? I don't think so


 Reunification Is Becoming a Palpable Prospect: The younger generation of officials in China's Communist Party, military and academia have a very different perception of North Korea than the older generation, which viewed the North as a strategic asset. They see it as a burden. In informal discussion with South Korean officials, 

Chinese officials are apparently showing keen interest in the prospect of reunification.U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said during a recent security conference in Germany, "I will be in China in two weeks working on the North Korean issue, working with [South] Korea, Japan, reunification, you name the issue."

After telling us they now have a missile that is fully capable of reaching the United States and that now they have a nuclear device small enough for it to carry, we are supposed to be happy about that? They have expressed interest in attacking us and South Korea and have now even earned the ire of its only local ally China or so we are made to think. What are we to think of this?

I am convinced I am not alone in thinking China believes the United States is more and more feeling threatened by North Korea's bellicose threats and that they can soon back it up. I believe they are stupid enough to attack the US with nuclear weapons.

So too China is seeing the same thing and her goal is to keep us away not to see us instigated to make a preemptive attack that would require China to get involved. It would throw off all China's plans to make her the number one power in the world.

China's real role here is her goal to keep Democracy off her doorstep and the Kim regime in power because they will remain a puppet whose strings China can pull. Kim Jong Il said he was committed to establishing "a lasting peace system" on the Korean peninsula and to making it nuclear-free "through dialogue and negotiations" a lasting peace system, what is that?

In the end I don't care what they say. This is a confrontation long in the works. MacArthur was right wanting to go right through North Korea then China back than because it would eventually have to be done. There is a lot behind the scenes to be concerned with here and yes China is our banker but they are over stepping their boundaries. We owe them trillions but with Russia's cooperation we can come out on top here. I fully expect we would and in the end being victors we would cancel our debt to China!

What a mess! Good thing Bush took North Korea off the terror list huh? They sure deserved that.

There is no way in hell we can envision Kim Jong Un or those like his uncle and the Generals taking a back seat to South Korean rule voluntarily. That said, a unified Korea would have to be driven by a free system of some sort but I do not think it will not happen unless with a war and hopefully limited. Here we are talking war again in a world that can sustain no more.

I hear people right here in the US justifying North Korea starving its citizens so they can terrorize the world with a 1.2 million man nuclear armed active duty military. Of course it is our fault because of the Korean war. It is not our fault it is China's fault as they are using the Korean dupes to keep us away from their border.

I am afraid North Korea has gotten out of China's control. North Korea would have a great future if she reunified with a modern successful South Korea but that will never happen. Instead North Korea will continue to be more dangerous and vitriolic.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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