Friday, February 21, 2014

Taliban waiting to implement their constitution on Afghanistan

Intel says gains made in Afghanistan will be gone by 20217 but they will be gone almost instantly and many will die needlessly. Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban not Democracy. Like it or not we have created another Vietnam which belonged to the North Vietnamese!

At this point it is obvious to me that the general population wants the freedom to do what they want in life. Their army has proven that they have the will and wherewith all to fight for their country. I do believe that the vast majority do not want to live with the threat of having their limbs and heads hacked off at the whim of the Taliban.

It is time to treat the Taliban as what they are "enemies of the State" and everyone should take it as their duty to out them so the military can take care of them. Get rid of them, put them in their place while you can, relegate them to an active part of the Government or as a subservient entity.

I personally believe if all Afghan's that want something to say about their own life come out of the closet and start standing up against the Taliban that they can keep the Taliban at bay. Let them have their beliefs but keep them to those that want to follow them.

Mullah Omar was invited to join the upcoming election in 2014 and he did not respond. He did not have to he knows when we are gone so is corrupt Karzai.

I  remember during the election with Abdullah and Karzai's victory was found to be grossly corrupt the people just shrugged and said one corrupt Government is the same as the next.

That said, the people would be wise to remember the cutting off of heads and hands that is routine for the Taliban and how stifling it is under their rule. As a whole they should remember the thousands of them the Taliban have purposely killed. They should form Lashkar's (civilian defense against the Taliban) and eliminate the Taliban or life as they want it is over.

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