Friday, October 11, 2013

Part1: Putin angrily says the Arctic has been unalienable part of the Russian Federation for centuries

Putin said the Russian military has been restoring a Soviet-era military base on the New Siberian Islands that was shut down after the Soviet collapse. He added that the facility is key for protecting shipping routes that link Europe with the Pacific region across the Arctic Ocean.

Last month, a Russian navy squadron led by the flagship of Russia's Northern Fleet, nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great, visited the archipelago, which occupies a strategic position on the Arctic shipping route. Putin said that the military has already re-established a permanent garrison there and will restore an airfield and other facilities.

I just heard the statue of Stalin who ruthlessly murdered millions of fellow Russians is being put back up in his home town of Gori Georgia.

We have not learned a god damn thing from the embarrassment we put Putin and Russia through in his first term or the fact that he stole a second Presidency to be at the helm during the ending of U.S. Hegemony. I mean look at the damn facts. 

Remember when Putin was rallying and uniting the world to take on Bush and his drive to dominate the world? Absolutely as the world's mayhem ensues amidst its drive to dominate as we move through the 21st century is Putin's only agenda. It is an old thought. I remember when term limits made him have to leave last time. There was immediate speculation as to him taking back the Presidency.


Demeur said...

This is just the world continuing it's quest for resources. Russia has learned the free market game quit well after the fall of communism. The world is now run by corporations and as you should know a corporation could care less about people. It's entire existence is for profits. So grace and humility have nothing to do with it. We are no better so don't buy into the BS.
Sorry for sounding so crass but you know I'm right about this.

James Joiner said...

Of course, corporatocrasies like ours. We discuss it all the time.