Saturday, March 03, 2012

Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah aiding al-Assad in Syria, surprised?

 Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah aiding al-Assad in Syria

Iranian Revolutionary Guard and Hezbollah aiding al-Assad in Syria – FSA commander Asharq Alawsat Newspaper (English): Free Syrian Army [FSA] commander Brigadier General Hussam Awak, who previously defected from the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate, revealed that an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp [IRGC] armored brigade is fighting alongside al-Assad regime forces in Syria.

He also claimed that Hezbollah armed brigades – that specialize in snipers, explosions, and guerilla warfare – are supporting the al-Assad regime in suppressing the Syrian revolution. General Awak stressed that these forces are counteracted by increasing numbers of defectors joining the FSA seeking to overthrow the al-Assad regime.

Russia and China put pressure on Syria: Russia and China have joined western powers in calling on Damascus to allow the UN’s humanitarian chief immediate access to the country as Syrian rebels retreated from the besieged Bab Amr district of Homs after more than three weeks of bombardment.

With one of the bloodiest episodes in the year-long uprising against Bashar al-Assad’s regime appearing to reach a turning point, a rare unanimous statement by the UN Security Council – which has been paralysed by Russian and Chinese resistance to pressure on the regime – expressed disappointment at Damascus’s refusal to allow a visit by Valerie Amos.

Bashar killed indiscriminately until he created an armed revolt. Now he has created a civil war which he says he will crush. I am just so sick of all this crap going on here, in the US, and around the world. Sadly it will get much worse as anarchy and world war is our future.

I remember saying a year ago that the Syrian protesters are the bravest in the world as they know they at the least are facing dedicated Syrian and Iranian Revolutionary Guard killers and now we find out we were right on and then some. I know the protesters vowed not to be deterred stating they will break the Government period but there is no way. The Syrian Government will kill and arrest who they have too. Iran will accept nothing less!

I remember the Syrian opposition saying that they would not stop and would ultimately defeat the Government saying Democratic transition would safeguard Syria from violence. As outsiders looking in we know nothing could be further from the truth. People are being imprisoned and murdered and I can not see that stopping until the Democracy movement is crushed. Supposedly this expected situation is begging for us to get involved but we damn well better not. Unless that is going to war with Iran is the goal.

This is all our fault after more than a century of interference in the Middle East and Africa. Bush set it all in motion by attacking Iraq to get into the middle east to destabilize it and start the new middle east order the idiot said God told him to do now it will be up to Iran and Saudi Arabia at least up front fight it out whether this goes the Iranian Shiite way or the Saudi Arabian Sunni way and do not forget Israel!

You know I firmly believe and have said so a million times by now that since 9/11 everything was construed to allow Bush to gain the power he needed to prosecute his new order not just in the Middle East but on the entire world! He diverted from Afghanistan to get back into the Middle East with the goal of setting up a larger safety zone for Israel and going after Iran. Both will fail! It has long been my contention that coming to Israel's aid once they attack Iran will be our in to Iran!

The entire middle east and north Africa and our more than century of interference and exploitation can take the blame for that too. Planting our military in the middle of the mess Bush has created out of the Middle East because of his failed Democratization program is going to be a Custer's Last Stand on a grand scale if we are still there when this breaks open! Looking at the war cabinet Obama has amassed I am going to say at this point that this is going to happen even under a President Obama.

You have to be very concerned about what is happening in Syria especially. Iran is not going to allow Syria to fall to Democracy. What we saw after the voter fraud in Iran was mild compared to what the IRG will do if this movement spreads to Iran. I really wish Bashar would step down but Iran is the elephant in the room any way you look at it. The total middle east breakdown we have written about numerous times is well under way. We can only hope we keep it from erupting into WW3.

James Joiner

Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I think you're starting to get the full picture here Jim. But it goes beyond Bush and many of our policies in the middle east long before Bush took office. How many dictators did we install and back when Bush was just a kid?
There is also the internal issues that have not made it to headline news. Not just about "us" verses "them" but them verses them. Not just Sooni and Shiite either. I'm learning more as I peel the onion in middle eastern affairs.

an average patriot said...

Yeah it is a real convoluted problem and as you say by us and them towards themselves forget about the Persian Arab issue and our still instigating by Russia China Israel and us.