Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012, Earth needs more than an hour and now!

Astronaut to tweet photographs of Earth Hour from space station

DC's National Cathedral, Baltimore's National Aquarium to turn out lights for earth Day: Washington’s National Cathedral is among the landmarks across the globe that plan to turn out their lights for Earth Hour. The cathedral’s lights are to be dimmed at 8:30 p.m. Saturday as part of the event organized by the Washington-based World Wildlife Fund.

The event begun in 2007 encourages people to turn off lights at 8:30 p.m. local time on Saturday. The World Wildlife Fund says people in 135 countries participated last year.

Earth Hour was born five years ago when the World Wildlife Fund in Australia decided to create a worldwide event that could raise awareness on the important sustainability and environmental issues. If you've marked Earth Hour in the past, and you did so at home or your neighborhood, you know it can be a rather convivial affair.

The television is off. The lights are off. There are only a few things to do during the 60 nighttime minutes, minutes we are encouraged to spend thinking about sustainability and all the energy we use and take for granted on a daily basis.

Earth needs more than just an hour in the dark: Turning off non-essential lights for a few minutes on one day is laudable, but it takes awareness campaigns and recycling efforts to bring real change

880 mn people lack access to clean water: Red Cross

In honor of earth hour I wanted to do a story on how dire the situation on the health or our planet really is. I started warning of the changing environment and our involvement in it when I was in high school in 1970. My efforts were always laughed at but it is too late to turn around and no one is laughing any more. Organizers hope one billion will participate in Earth Hour, I hope you are one of the 1 billion around the world. Look to see if your country is participating!

Likewise I have also written in the past about the huge swirl of garbage in the Pacific ocean. After happening onto Fabien Cousteau discussing the fact that it has now doubled in size in just 2 years and is now twice the size of Texas I was stunned and wanted to point this out. Fabien Cousteau on the dire condition of our ocean

Ocean Pollution Grows Larger From 100 Million Tons of Garbage .

there are huge islands of garbage swirling together into ever-growing "cyclones" of debris

Continent-sized swirl of rubbish raises alarm , it is a horrible new Habitat Just imagine how big it is today!

* Wake up we are killing our Mother and not with kindness. We throw away 43,000 tons of food away every day in America. That is sick in itself! The world is starving hell even Americans are starving and we just throw away 43,000 tons of food a year. Makes me want to scream.
* We are drowning in trash. A family of 5 generates 25 pounds of trash a day. What is our Population? Figure it out!
* We use 100 million plastic bags per year. Enough is enough!

* In closing we are running out of potable water and at the same time much of our chemicals we use to grow our food ends up in the ocean along with all our other debris. As a result the monstrous garbage swirl in the pacific described above is only one. There are many and they are in every ocean. The debris field in the pacific is 90 feet deep. Seems to and is twice the size of Texas. Seems to me that this should spawn a new industry for former fishermen. I do not remember the size of fishing nets but I do know they go down 90 feet. Seems to me like a business can be made.

Leave port empty go to these debris fields and bring a catch of garbage and debris back. Instead of getting paid by the pound for the fish you catch you get paid by the pound for what you remove from the debris field. I am sure it can be monitored and we could burn it as an energy source at extreme heats. We have to do something. We are drowning in our Garbage. It is taking over the world. The world as we knew it is already gone. The world as we know it is right behind unless we wake up and yesterday not next year!

* Wake up World Before It Is To Late!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Jim, great posting, Thanx for the read ... I'm all for it ... as I said in one of my "Global Warming" series posting ... "we need nature, nature dont need us" : )

Vicki said...

Good day to you, Ji. Thank you for the post and insightful information. I will turn off my lights at830 to honor our Mother.

Demeur said...

There's an artist here who does representations of what we throw away in a day. I'll see if I can find the link and get back to you. It was a real eye opener to me.

Demeur said...

Found it. One local photographer out here has a neat view of our environmental situation. Think about it when you toss out that container collecting dust in the cupboard.

Click on an image to see the real ramifications of what we toss.

an average patriot said...

Thanks A

an average patriot said...

Vicki as you know that is merely ceremonial and the world as a whole has to go way beyond ceremony and start acting responsible and now!

an average patriot said...

Demeur did I miss something? They were nice pictures but what I had were pictures of Africa.

an average patriot said...