Friday, October 28, 2005

Worst Administration in History What about the President?

We are finally hearing what most of us have known from the get go. that is that this will go down in our History as the worst run most corrupt administration in American History. As we all know, events are finally catching up to Bush Co. and should run them all over. Iraq fatalities are now over the top with no end in sight. This was also our first started war and under false pretences. Miers withdrawal from Judicial nomination was only the 2nd in 160 years without senate action, another big Bush goof in a list of many. With numerous questionable Presidential nominations and confirmation tactics and many republican leaders coming up dirty we have this in addition. Indictments faced by Karl Rove's, as we all know he is Bush's special council, top adviser, and chief strategist. Scooter Libby Cheney's Chief of Staff was just indicted on 5 counts including false statements, obstruction of Justice, and perjury and is subject to 30 years in jail. You know the guilt goes right to cheney and most likely beyond. Just a reminder that during an election campaign Bush pledged that he and his Administration would clean up washington and would do what is legally and morally right for the people. We now know he and his Administration will not do what is right for the people and will only do what is legally right if he is forced. He continues to mislead and indulge in Rove's 3D ( decietful, deceptive, divisive) Politics along with the rest of his Administration.
James Joiner
Dover, NH

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Susan Hanson said...

Liberal Blogger Posts Picture Of Steele In Minstrel Makeup
Republicans and Democrats are decrying a smear of Republican Lt. Gov. Michael Steele that was posted on the Web by a left-wing blogger.
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