Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ex Mexico President backs U.S. efforts to tear down the "Berlin Wall" of pot criminalization.

Former Mexican president Vicente Fox

 Mexico's ex-president backs US pot drive: Fox, Mexico's leader from 200-2006, appeared at a Seattle press conference where businessman Jamen Shively said the US states of Washington and Colorado are spearheading a move to tear down the "Berlin Wall" of pot criminalization.

"In Mexico we welcome this initiative, because the cost of the war in the case of Mexico is becoming unbearable," said Fox, referring to deadly drug violence which has ravaged America's southern neighbor. The cost was "too high for Mexico, Latin America, and the rest of the world - the impact on the economy, on income, on tourism, investment but also talent .. and 80,000 kids' death in the last six years," he said.

Legalize it? Lawmakers push for end to federal marijuana restrictions:

Kill the growing drug violence on the Mexico US border, change the US forever, think about it! Legalize marijuana at least then follow with the rest, maybe! That would kill much of the incentive for Cartels to be waging a war on drugs and save us Billions and free up millions of wasted man hours. Yes there is cocaine heroine and other drugs but marijuana is America's number one cash crop too! That blew me away.

According to official Government figures The value of the annual harvest exceeds that of corn, soybeans, or hay, the country's top three legal cash crops with an annual crop value of $35 Billion. There have been an estimated 100 million pot plants destroyed between 1981 and 2006 yet production has still increased 10 fold to 22 million pounds! Marijuana is the countries number one cash crop Yes it is time to legalize and put this wasted war against pot behind us.

While California, Tennessee, Kentucky, Hawaii, and Washington are the top producing states, pot is the top cash crop in 12 states and among the top three in 30 states. "There is a lot of demand for marijuana in the US, and it's only natural that production would increase here,"Marijuana is the countries number one cash crop, legalize it nation wide and collect the much needed taxes.

"This is a monumental step forward," Dale Gieringer, an Oakland resident and marijuana activist said. The measure, which pitted small and midsized "gardeners" against larger producers, initially allows the large farms to sell only to medical marijuana dispensaries Gettman told Drug War Chronicle. California is right to legalize it and capture the tax dollars. I just love it, imagine this country wide. This could reinvent America!

With our 100 year drug war and guns being purchased here and sent to Mexico then drugs being sent here feeding this drug war. This has not spilled over from Mexico it has spilled over from the US. I reiterate: eastern California, southern Arizona and New Mexico are clamping down and National Guard troops are being requested!

We keep hearing that Mexico's war on drugs is spilling over into the US. We have been fighting a self professed war on Drugs for one hundred years! I wish someone would be able to figure out at what cost. It seems to me that the drug war has spilled over the Border with Mexico. However it went north to south. It is our drug war that has spilled into Mexico. It is us that have made Mexico the narco State it is.

I do believe we should at least put American military on the border and do not really understand why it is not. That would go a long way in stopping the problem so I do not understand why they are not on the Border unless it is because a certain political interest still does not want the border secured to enable illegal immigration? Why else? A desire to keep this war going? For gain? of what?

Just imagine what it would be if it was legalized. Regulate it like alcohol, sell it in package stores! Tax it! Look at the potential revenue. Legalizing marijuana would end a hell of a lot of problems and create exactly zero! Think about it!

The number one abused drug in the world is legal, Alcohol! It destroys numerous lives! What sane argument is there against legalization? None, none whatsoever! All we are doing with this insane war on drugs is driving people and not just kids to experiment and find a legal way to get high with common household products. We are only making the problem exponentially worse. END IT! LEGALIZE! All States!

* It would not solve our problems immediately but it would go a hell of a long way. It would also exponentially add to our economy as we allow implementation of the myriad of products that can be made from cannabis.
Mexico would still have a problem as Mexican's try to under cut us but eventually as in cigarettes and alcohol we will carve out our superior niche. My concern is with corporate America and Wall Street taking the industry over.

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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Demeur said...

As you know my state legalized pot this past election. As good as that may sound it's presenting great difficulties in instituting the whole process. The state ( and rightfully so) is worried about the legal ramifications on the federal level as the local federal district court has said it will enforce federal regulations. So at the moment Washington state is looking closely at what Colorado is doing as they are farther ahead in the game.
Personally I don't care what someone does in the privacy of their own home as long as it doesn't affect me, however there is the matter of people driving under the influence and that issue hasn't been entirely worked out as of yet. There is no instant test and the legal limits are difficult to determine. What was once thought to be a good idea could turn out to be a legal nightmare.
Last issue is with the taxation of the product. It seems they want to tax the heck out of it in order to get a larger cash flow to state coffers. That could backfire as bootleggers fill a demand with cheaper products. We saw that happening when they privatized the liquor business. People now make runs to Oregon and Idaho to stock up or sell.