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Religion and the lies we call History: Installment 15

                                                    Chapter 4 & 5 of Life today the Real Story

In the Mahabharata the author recites his story, full of repulsion. He describes a weapon that can kill all warriors who wore metal on their bodies.

 If the warriors learned about the effect of this weapon in time, they tore off all the metal equipment they were wearing, jumped into a river. They washed themselves and everything they had come into contact with thoroughly.

 They did this for good reason as the author explains, because the weapon made the hair and nails fall out. He also recounted that every living thing became pale and weak.

In the eighth book is described something akin to an H-bomb. It says that Gurkha let loose a single projectile on the triple city from a mighty Vimana, (flying machine). 

The narrator describes it as white hot smoke a thousand times brighter than the. He recites that it rose up in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes. Come on, we must admit that descriptions such as this are too detailed not to have been first hand accounts. They are too exact to what we know today.

In this case it is too close to a description of the atom bomb. This has to make us want to recheck our history. There are just too many unanswered questions here for us to not want the facts known.

Let us recount this last story from the Mahabharata. It’s just too much and it’s bound to make even the most jaded, think. It was as if the elements had been unleashed.

 Scorched by the incandescent heat of the weapon it was as if the world reeled in fever. Elephants were set on fire by the heat. They ran to and fro in a frenzy to seek protection from the terrible violence.

The water boiled. The animals died. The enemy was mowed down and the raging of the blaze made the trees collapse in rows as in a forest fire.

The elephants made a fearful trumpeting and fell down dead over a vast area. Horses and war chariots were burnt up. It say’s the whole scene looked like the aftermath of a great conflagration.

Thousands of chariots were destroyed and then a great silence fell over the sea. Scarier to us still, the winds began to blow and the earth grew bright. It was a terrible sight to see.

The corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so they no longer looked like human beings. Never before had we seen such a ghastly weapon. Never before had we heard of such a weapon.

 The story goes on to say that those who escaped washed themselves, their equipment, and their arms. This was done because everything was polluted by the death dealing breath of the gods. Remember what Gilgamesh said about the poisonous breath of the heavenly beast?

I personally find all this information rather disquieting in light of what we have been passed down as ancient history. All of the texts quoted date from millennia before our era.

 The authors lived on different continents and belonged to different cultures and religions. There weren’t any special messengers and intercontinental journeys were not an every day occurrence if they happened at all.

 In spite of this, traditions telling almost the exact same stories come from the four corners of the world. They also come from innumerable sources. There is only one way information could have gone around the globe during a point in our history where there were no advanced communication methods.

 There was no way for men of the time to travel from one region to the next beyond the slow inadequate methods known to our history.

The story continues to take shape, we are nearing the end. Installment 16 tomorrow!

                                                           Life Today The Real Story "2005"

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma

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