Monday, July 09, 2012

The United States has one political Party The Corporate Party

I like you can think of a million foul things to call this new political system of ours. Functional is not one of them at least for us. I was thinking about this a lot last night after our many conversations and listening to the same crap coming from each party just different versions.

We keep saying the parties today are the same and they largely are. That said I think I put it in terms we can all understand. We are sarcastically to be called the greatest Democracy in the world. How that is said or taken depends on the audience.

That said, we are not a Democracy any more as we from the United States know. We are a Democracy in name only, to play on average American's sympathies, to fool the world into following us, and lastly as cover for the real selfish agenda's going on here.

We have the gonads to look down on other countries calling them corrupt and from what I can see we are just as corrupt only our corruption is more diversified.

Again with that said we are no longer a two party system. When Palin was running I thought we had our third party "The pity party" but call it a dictatorship or whatever you want we have indeed become a one party system.

We have become a corporatocracy largely thanks to Justice Roberts and his Supreme Court. We now have one political party with 2 colors "red and Blue" used used to create the illusion of a two party Democracy but in fact to create a Grey area for the one Party "The corporate party" that rules America to hide in. What say you?

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

I love the line in the movie "Distinguished Gentlemen". Eddie Murphy's character asks the old senator where he should stand on an issue. The senator replies " Hell it doesn't matter to me. We have lobbyists on both sides of the issue."

an average patriot said...

Man that's funny but sad because it is true!

an average patriot said...

* Man I just heard that Russia said that unofficially Russia said they would not agree with it but they would not intervene if there is a military intervention.

Michael said...

I did not heard any corporate party in US. There are two big parties democratic and republicans. michelle obama campaign