Sunday, April 12, 2009

The supposed Grand old Party has become The Grand Old Nightmare!

They are not a Party anymore and this is not a party! Do you remember when President Obama said he might be a nice guy but he is not a pushover?

First I can no longer call the Republican party the Right because they are dead wrong and we the progressives the Democratic party are the new "Right" Anyway since Obama became President the Repugs have done everything possible to push Obama over. To make him fail and it gets worse every day. I started recording the days Republican idiocy first thing in the morning when I was having coffee. All day long I was recording one piece after another. When I turned off the news the idiocy was still the topic on every channel beside piracy and murder. This morning It came full circle and I had my title!

The Grand old nightmare I mean party has become the blocking party. The party of No! The party of distraction, Party of destruction. The silly putty I mean Party. The tea party, the party of Reverse, cease and desist! Okay add lib! Look at the days efforts at achieving those monikers and many more! The Republican party is self destructing faster every day. They are rudderless, clueless, going off the rails. They could care less that the country and the world has changed. What they will say and do next to make Obama fail and appear like a failure to Americans so they can get back into power to finish us and their agenda off!

* Repugs accuse Obama of being Polarizing! What? What the hell is that? Isn't that a good thing? Get polarized behind Obama. Help us succeed. Do not try to make Obama and our America fail! 66% of Americans approve of what President Obama is doing and Repugs can't take it. They do not care that they and the blocking party do not matter. Conservatives are angry. That means we are headed in the right direction, the direction of canning their version of America and reinstituting our version. They are getting angrier the more Obama succeeds. What will they say or do next?

* Congressman Spencer Bachus Republican says there are Socialists in Congress 17 in fact. He has yet to name names but can that be a bad thing? I happen to think a little bit of Socialism is the only thing that is going to save us from the mess Bush has made of the country.

* Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has accused President Obama and many Democratic Congressmen of being unpatriotic. What the hell is that? Unpatriotic toward their version of America? I mean come on!

* Stop the Insanitea! Republicans have been holding tea parties supposedly against President Obama and his policies. Conservative tea bagging! This has been playing big on Faux! They have been holding tea parties against the Bailouts, against Tarp, against tax cuts for themselves. What the hell is that? Those idiots could care less about the hypocrisy or the fact that these are Bush programs. They just want to target Obama and turn the people against Obama. That they are lying only makes them feel better!

* Bachmann and Chuck Norris "Yhep our Chuck Norris" are openly advocating citizens to be locked and loaded. They are both calling for armed Revolution against Obama and his policies.Chuck Norris is organizing cells on line he will activate when the time is right! What the hell?

* Bachmann says Obama has plans for youth reeducation camps along the line of Nazi camps to reeducate youth. Brain washing in the "Obama Corp" I mean what the hell. We don't need camps for that. They can just watch his example. Live and learn!
* Glenn Beck yelled set us on fire Obama, stop!

* Rove says Biden is a blow hard a liar a serial exaggerator. WTF? He called Biden a Doofus! Who the hell is Rove to talk? He can not speak with any authority. He can not back up what he is saying but he does not care. He has made his Political career lying for others that is why daddy Bush and the rest of them employed him.

* Newt Gingrich's sister Candice told him he was out of line and to back off after Newt called Obama secularist and anti Religious! Anti Religious? Is that why he goes to church? I mean when is the lunacy going to stop?

*Progress is marching forward! and the far wrong I mean right bomb throwers are angry and in attack mode. They are wasting their time and seeking deeper into the quagmire of defeat. Right wing talkers are increasingly critical because they are increasingly desperate to get the people to believe their lies and get back into power to finish us and their agenda off!

* Obama stays above the fray because he has too! He does not have a crisis to solve he has crises all caused by Bush and credited to Obama! Obama has done a hell of a job too date yesterday I heard amongst everything he is doing he bought 17,600 "Green" cars from GM for Government use. Then I understand it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, Washington so he sat outside at the picnic bench with Hillary to conduct a meeting. I am telling you, he is human!

* I understand Arizona State University welcomes President Obama's speech next month but as of yet refuses to give him the traditional Honorary Degree! There sorry excuse is that he has not completed his body of work. What the hell is that? He has not accomplished enough. President of the United States?

* From a bang to a whisper All 3 Governors and potential runners for the Presidency that turned down their stimulus money have had to relent as we knew they would. Palin, Jindal, and Sanford, due to pressure from their hurting residents had to eat crow and accept the money.

* In closing! Rove with his lying big mouth is defending a failed policy and a failed president. A defenseless legacy but they all could care less. They do not care that the country and the world has changed, moved on. They want their version back period! What they will do to accomplish this is very concerning. Obama has not abandoned an inclusive Government has Repugs keep saying, Republicans did! They refuse to cooperate and think Obama should go their way not his. I just do not get it and have to wonder what they are going to do next in their desperation!

James Joiner
Gardner, Ma


Demeur said...

Any more to focus on what the republicans are doing is just a waste of time. Like the whiney kids that lost the ball game they'll continue this blathering and try to make something out of nothing. I say it's time to get on with what needs to be done and ignore the whiney kids in the back seat. If they continue their tantrums they'll be let out of the car at the next corner and they can just walk home.

an average patriot said...

I'm telling you, it gets worse and worse and it will get worse r the more desperate they get. They will stop at nothing. How far they go is what concerns me!

Larry said...

They said on Meet the Press that Karl Rove was attacking Biden because he was becoming the party spokesman, and that is the way the Repugs wanted it.

Of course they refuse to acknowledge Rove is one of the main reasons the country is such a disaster.

Leigh Russell said...

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